9 Amazing Travel Trailers With Murphy Beds

When you’re camping in a travel trailer, you want to make the most of the available space. That’s why Murphy beds are such a revelation in the industry. When it comes to maximizing space, you can’t beat a bed that folds up into the wall. Take a look at these innovative and comfortable travel trailers with Murphy beds.

  • 2018 Coachmen Apex 238MBS
  • 2018 Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 1905
  • 2018 Jayco Octane Super Lite 312
  • 2018 Keystone Passport Express 239ML
  • 2020 Grand Design Imagine XLS 24MPR
  • 2019 Sonic SN200VML Travel Trailer
  • 2020 Rockwood 2507S Mini Lite
  • 2019 KZ Escape E201BH
  • 2019 Forest River Salem FSX 280RT

Why Choose A Travel Trailer With Murphy Beds

When you restrict your search to include only travel trailers with a Murphy bed, you’ll be rewarded with more living space during the day.

You can also choose a smaller trailer, which will be lighter and easier to tow. That’s why they’re a great choice for beginners who aren’t yet comfortable towing a giant rig.

Best of all, small travel trailers tend to be less expensive than their larger counterparts. Shoppers on a budget would do well to take a closer look at these versatile campers, which will allow them to save money while giving them more elbow room.

One final note: If you’re worried about the hassle of opening and folding your bed every time you want some shut-eye, fear not. Murphy beds are very user-friendly—the process is no more difficult than tucking in the sheets.

Travel Trailer With Murphy Beds: Product Review Guide

2018 Coachmen Apex 238MBS

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
4474 lbs25 ft 6 in50 gals35 gals4

With a dry weight of just 4,474 pounds, this is an Ultra-Lite model that lives up to its name. The Murphy bed is queen-sized and rests on a sofa component that can be utilized when the bed is folded into the wall. Overhead storage is also available, which helps to open up the living space even more.

A rear bath is located just across from the entry, giving you easy access to the facilities when you’re relaxing outdoors. The sink and toilet are complemented by a stall shower and small cabinet for storing toiletries.

The interior is cozy and modern, with energy-efficient LED lighting and stainless steel appliances. A small entertainment center can be viewed from the dinette or the sofa, giving the space a welcoming feel even on rainy days.

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2018 Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 1905

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
3339 lbs20 ft 11 in43 gals30 gals3

The Rockwood Mini Lite 1905 is indeed one of the lightest and most compact trailers on our list, measuring under 21 feet in length. Despite its diminutive size, it offers a plethora of creature comforts that are sure to appeal to couples and small families.

The queen-sized Murphy bed folds down over a sofa that faces the small entertainment center. On the other side of this wall, you’ll find a kitchen with a dinette set, refrigerator, microwave, and three-burner range.

To the rear, there’s a surprisingly roomy bathroom that includes not only a sink, toilet, and linen closet, but an actual bathtub. This makes the 1905 especially convenient for families with small children. Be aware, however, that the cabin sleeps just 3 people, so it’s only suitable for single-child families.

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2018 Jayco Octane Super Lite 312

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
7840 lbs37 ft 11 in96 gals45.4 gals8

At nearly 38 feet, the Octane Super Lite 312 is one of the largest units on our list. As long as you’re comfortable towing a unit this size, you’ll find plenty of enticing features on the inside.

The exterior door opens to the sleeping area, which includes a Murphy bed positioned over a plush sofa. The bed is flanked by two nighstands with built-in wardrobes. The shower and toilet are across the hall from the sink and vanity, an ingenious layout quirk that allows two people to get ready at once. Kitchen facilities include a refrigerator, microwave, two-burner range, and double sink.

Perhaps our favorite aspect of the Super Lite 312 is the generously sized freshwater tank, which holds a whopping 96 gallons. This gives you great flexibility if you want to go boondocking. Another plus: this unit is also a toy hauler with a 12.5 x 8-foot cargo bay, so you can bring your kayaks or bicycles along for the ride.

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2018 Keystone Passport Express 239ML

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
3985 lbs25 ft 5 in43 gals38 gals8

The Passport Express 239ML packs a great deal of fun into a small camper. The Murphy bed fits over the sofa and is flanked by two wardrobes. Just to the rear of this setup is the kitchen, which includes a double sink, refrigerator, and two-burner range. The dinette is slightly cramped but serviceable, and can also pull double duty as a sleeping area.

In addition to the Murphy bed, the Keystone Passport Express 239ML features a double-bunk configuration to the rear of the trailer. This layout makes it a good fit for families with older children who would prefer semi-private sleeping space. The bathroom is adjacent to this rear bedroom and includes a tub as well as a shower. There’s also an outdoor kitchen option, so you won’t have to miss out on any more fresh air than necessary.

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2020 Grand Design Imagine XLS 24MPR

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
6297 lbs29 ft 11 in43 gals37 gals4

The Imagine XLS 24MPR has a mouthful of a name—and benefits to match. The Murphy bed, which fits over a removable table, is just one of the perks of this trailer, which is also a toy hauler with a 10-foot cargo bay.

The main sleeping area is complemented by an entertainment center and wide overhead cabinets. From here, you’ll enter the kitchen, which offers a generous amount of counter space to go along with the refrigerator, microwave, sink, and three-burner range. Across the hall is the bathroom, outfitted with a toilet, sink, linen closet, and walk-in shower.

The rear cargo bay can also be converted into another sleeping area. As long as the garage is empty, you can use the free space to install a pair of bunk beds.

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2019 Sonic SN200VML Travel Trailer

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
3950 lbs23 ft 4 in38 gals30 gals4

The Sonic SN200VML is a compact unit that makes the most of its available space, with a Murphy bed that folds out over a comfortable sofa. A second sofa and freestanding table round out the living space, with a tiny entertainment center flanking the bathroom’s exterior wall. This configuration makes it easy to see the television no matter where you’re sitting.

The galley-style kitchen offers a double sink, two-burner range, and 7-cubic foot refrigerator. There’s also plenty of overhead cabinet space for storing food supplies. To the rear is the bathroom, with a medium-sized cabinet and stall shower.

The rear entry is a nice touch, giving the sleeping area a more private feel. However, seniors might want to take note of the unusual layout, which positions the bathroom as far from the bedroom space as it could get.

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2020 Rockwood 2507S Mini Lite

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
5471 lbs25 ft 11 in58 gals30 gals4

With its 19-foot awning, optional slid-out, and sleek body style, this version of the 2507S Mini Lite is as attractive from the outside as it is from the inside. Though it boasts a maximum sleeping capacity of just 4 people, those people will be in for a treat if they give this beauty a try.

The queen-sized Murphy bed is positioned over a convertible sofa, with a wardrobe situated on either side. The slide-out holds a U-shaped dinette that can be converted into a freestanding table and chairs. Across from the slide-out is the kitchen, which includes an optional countertop extension next to the double sink. Other appliances include a refrigerator, microwave, and stove with three-burner range.

To the rear, you’ll find the bathroom, which provides plenty of space as well as a stall shower. Our favorite thing about the 2507S Mini Lite, however, is the outdoor kitchen, with its additional refrigerator, two-burner range, and griddle. The awning positioned overhead will keep you comfortable as you prepare your favorite dishes alfresco.

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2019 KZ Escape E201BH

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
3480 lbs23 ft 7 in20 gals32 gals5

This offering from KZ features a pair of rear bunk beds in addition to the queen-sized Murphy bed, bumping the sleeping capacity up to 5. Because it’s so lightweight—with a dry weight that comes in under 3,500 pounds—it’s a good choice for first-timers who would prefer something that tows easily.

To the rear of the sleeping area, a snug dinette faces a galley-style kitchen equipped with sink and two-burner range. The refrigerator is located right next to the dinette, which is convenient for grabbing a cold soda or beer.

Bathroom facilities are adjacent to the rear bunk beds, a similarity that this model shares with the Keystone Passport Epxress 239ML. There’s a stall shower in addition to the toilet and sink, but no storage space to speak of. You’ll need to walk the length of the trailer in order to reach the bathroom from the main sleeping area, but we believe the camper is small enough to render this a nonissue.

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2019 Forest River Salem FSX 280RT

Dry WeightLengthFreshwater TankBlackwater TankSleeps
5608 lbs32 ft 4 in38 gals30 gals6

Looking for a toy hauler that includes a Murphy bed? The Salem FSX 280RT has you covered. The cargo area measures 11.25 by 7.75 feet, which is more than enough space to accommodate a couple of motorcycles or a snowmobile. Even if you aren’t in the market for a toy hauler, however, this trailer has plenty to recommend it.

At just over 32 feet, the unit isn’t too cumbersome to tow, but it’s large enough to provide a spacious living area. During the day, the Murphy bed can be converted to a sofa, which gives you an ideal view of the entertainment center and built-in fireplace. Like the Jayco Octane Super Lite 312, this unit features a split-design bathroom, with the shower across the hall from the rest of the lavatory.

Two flip-out sofas in the rear provide additional sleeping space, as well as a separate place to hang out during the day. The kitchen includes a refrigerator and a microwave in addition to a three-burner range. In short, the FSX 280RT is ideal for larger families who want to bring plenty of gear along on their adventures.

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The Bottom Line

If you’re thinking about buying a travel trailer with a Murphy bed, consider one of the premium offerings we’ve listed above. As if the extra space they provide weren’t a strong enough selling point on its own, they’re all well-appointed campers designed to make you feel at home in the great outdoors.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

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