8 Great Small Travel Trailers With Slide Outs

A slide-out is a great feature for any travel trailer, but it comes in especially handy when the model is a small one to begin with. If you’re looking for a camper that’s relatively easy to tow while providing a generous amount of living space, take a look at this list of great small travel trailers with slide out.

  • 2021 Forest River R-Pod 190
  • 2020 Lance 1575
  • 2020 KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH
  • 2020 Jayco Hummingbird 17RK
  • 2019 Palomino Palomini 182SK Travel Trailer
  • 2021 Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBS Travel Trailer
  • 2018 Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 1909S
  • 2017 Keystone Outback 210URS

What Are Slide Outs?

Invented in the 1990s, slide outs became popular when RV manufacturers realized that there was a way to add more living space to a travel trailer without increasing its length. Essentially, a slide out is an additional room in the RV, albeit one that doesn’t have a door.

There are two different types of slide out available: Hydraulic and electric. The hydraulic version is more complex and uses a supplementary pump or motor to extend the slide out, while electric ones run on the RV’s own power system. Whichever version your trailer has, it should extend and retract easily, with no sticking.

The average slide out will extend 2-3 feet along the outside of your travel trailer, but some are larger. Obviously, the larger the slide out is, the more extra space you’ll be getting when it’s fully extended.

Important Considerations

Before investing in a travel trailer with a slide out, remember that your campsite or parking spot will have to be large enough to accommodate the extra bulk. This isn’t a deal breaker for most people, but it’s still something to be aware of, particularly if you’re looking for a small camper to begin with.

While both hydraulic and electric systems are fairly easy to operate, they do represent yet another aspect of the trailer that will require regular maintenance. Some buyers decide that the hassle of a slide out isn’t worth the additional space.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure that you’re not taking advantage of the slide out to overload the trailer. Manufacturers don’t typically provide information about how much weight the slide out can hold, so take care to ensure that you remain within the rig’s ovarall weight capacity.

Best Small Travel Trailers With Slide Out: Product Review Guide

2021 Forest River R-Pod 190

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
20 ft 4 in2979 lbs14

The sweet little R-Pod 190 is one of the most compact units available, with a dry weight of 2979 pounds. Because it measures just over 20 feet in length, it’s remarkably easy to tow, and finding a campsite should be a cinch.

The U-shaped dinette is located in the rear and forms the focal point of the living space, with the entertainment center on the facing wall. A sleeping area with a queen-sized bed and wardrobe takes up residence on the other end. The kitchen area is small yet functional, with a sink, refrigerator, and two-burner range. If you enjoy cooking alfresco, there’s an outdoor kitchen option as well. The bathroom layout separates the stall shower and the toilet, so two people can use the facilities at once.

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2020 Lance 1575

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
21 ft 1 in2775 lbs14

Even lighter than the R-Pod 190 is the Lance 1575, with a dry weight of 2775 pounds. This unit also has a more minimalist feel, with an interior that’s functional rather than frilly. If you’re a former tent enthusiast who just wants a place to sleep off the ground, this could be the model for you.

A queen-sized bed dominates the sleeping area, which is located just to the right of the entrance. The slide out accommodates a U-shaped dinette, which provides sleeping space for two more people if necessary. In our opinion, the convertible dinette is better suited for small children than adults.

The kitchen includes a refrigerator and stove with three-burner range. There is a shower available in the tiny bathroom, separated from the commode by a simple curtain. This unit doesn’t provide a glamping experience, but it’s a great fit for adventurous couples or small families.

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2020 KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
20 ft 6 in2840 lbs16

The ingenious design of the Sportsmen Classic 181BH includes a set of rear bunk beds that bumps the maximum sleep count up to 6. The dinette, which is located in the single slide out, can be converted into a bed as well.

Pass-through storage is located above the queen-sized bed, which makes up the main sleeping area. Across from the dinette is the kitchen, with a sink, refrigerator, microwave, and two-burner range. The bathroom is adjacent to the bunk area and includes a stall shower and toilet.

In addition to the slide out, the Sportsmen Classic 181BH is equipped with a 9-foot awning to help maximize the living space. We wouldn’t recommend this model for couples, as the bathroom is so far away from the master bedroom, but it’s ideal for families with older children.

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2020 Jayco Hummingbird 17RK

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
19 ft 10 in2995 lbs14

Take a look at the Hummingbird 17RK if roomy kitchen facilities rank high on your hit parade. The rear-facing kitchen, which is one of the most attractive we’ve seen in small travel trailers, is distinguished by an exceptional amount of storage and counter space. In addition to the sink, two-burner range, refrigerator, and microwave, the space includes a generously-sized pantry for dry goods. Because the U-shaped dinette is located in the slide out, you’ll have more space to move around as well.

Rounding out the facilities are a bathroom with a stall shower and toilet, as well as a sleeping area with a wardrobe and television set. We don’t love the fact that you can only watch TV from the bed, but depending on how often you like to tune in, this might not be an issue.

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2019 Palomino Palomini 182SK Travel Trailer

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
21 ft 8 in3111 lbs14

The Palomini 182SK is surprisingly roomy as small travel trailers go, offering rear entry that allows for easy access to the bathroom. While we appreciate this thoughtful touch, it’s just one of the reasons to consider this unit.

The slide out houses the kitchen facilities, which consist of a refrigerator, sink, two-burner range, and overhead storage. A cozy dinette, which can be converted to a second sleeping area, features an overhead storage unit as well. The master bedroom includes two wardrobes in addition to a queen-sized bed. As for the rear-facing bathroom, it’s outfitted with a toilet, sink, linen cabinet, and convenient corner-stall shower.

Although the unit offers a decent amount of elbow room, we still think it’s better suited to couples than families. The dinette is fine when it’s being used as a table, but when it’s converted to a bed, it’s too small to be comfortable for anyone but a very young child.

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2021 Rockwood Geo Pro G19FBS Travel Trailer

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
20 ft3075 lbs14

Like the Palomini 182SK, the Geo Pro G19FBS offers a rear bathroom that’s located directly across from the entrance. This configuration improves the overall flow of the living space, and the convenience is hard to beat. The fridge and microwave are positioned just inside the door as well, so you can grab a cold one or a quick snack before dashing back outside to join the rest of the group. There’s also an outdoor gas griddle to allow for easy outdoor dining.

Inside, you’ll find a convertible sofa, entertainment center, and sleeping area with queen-sized bed. The interior kitchen includes a sink and a stove with a two-burner range, along with the microwave and refrigerator. Still, the Geo Pro 19FBS is geared toward all the fun you can have outside the trailer. We’re especially fond of the outdoor speaker, which makes it possible to jam out to tunes while you’re chilling in the great outdoors.

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2018 Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 1909S

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
20 ft 11 in3582 lbs14

Duck beneath the generous 11-foot awning and through the rear entry of the Rockwood Mini Lite 1909S, a gorgeous diminutive offering from Forest River. Once through the door, you’ll have quick access to the bathroom facilities, which include a corner stall shower in addition to the toilet and sink. You can also install an entertainment center just inside the door, making it easy to watch the news from anywhere inside the trailer.

As slides go, this one is especially well-equipped, holding overhead storage as well as a convertible sofa and table. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, sink, and three-burner range, so you can prepare all your favorite meals in style. While the master bedroom is slightly cramped, it does make room for a small nightstand and an overhead storage unit.

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2017 Keystone Outback 210URS

LengthDry WeightNumber of SlideoutsSleeps
23 ft4440 lbs18

Unlike the other models listed here, which use the slides to hold convertible dining or seating areas, this one features a rear slide out with a king-sized bed. While it’s unusual to have the master bedroom located in the slide out, it’s a cool feature that opens up the rest of the living space.

To the right of the main entrance are a set of bunk beds, large enough for teenagers or young adults to sleep in comfort. The bathroom is located adjacent to this sleeping area and includes a full tub, toilet, sink, and linen closet. The kitchen is outfitted with a refrigerator, pantry, three-burner range, and large sink. There’s also a second outdoor kitchen with an additional sink and two-burner range.

Relax on the sofa or convertible dinette and enjoy the wall-mounted LCD television, which can also be viewed from the slide-out master bedroom. The Outback 210URS offers plenty of exterior storage, including room for bicycles beneath the bunk area.

Manufacturers Website

The Bottom Line

When you buy a travel trailer with a slide out, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your living conditions during your travel adventures. This is especially important if space constraints require you to buy a camper that measures under 24 feet in length. While these units require a bit of extra work, we think they’re well worth the effort.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

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