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Best 15 Water Containers For Camping: (2020)

Camping Water Containers

Camping is a fun activity that gives you an opportunity to take a break from the mundane routine. Adventuring out in the woods or hiding out in your favorite RV park away from the hustle-bustle is something that would surely make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

However, to make it feel that way you need to take the right gear and resources with you. Water is one such resource that you need to always have an abundant quantity.

This guide on the best water container for camping will help find the right portable water container for you.

In A Hurry?

Our Top Pick – Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container

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Quick Look That Made Our List

Things To Look For When Buying A Water Container

Portable water containers for camping, hiking, or hunting are available in several different shapes and capacities. Before you pick one, you should carefully consider the differences and choose one that best meets your needs. They also make some that are c


Water containers come in many different capacities. You should buy a water container that will be best for your situation. If you have a small group of 2-3 people, a 1-5 gallon water container may be enough.

If you have more people in your camping party or if its a really hot time of year, you may want to look into getting a large 20 gallon collapsible container or multiple smaller containers.

If you are hiking, then you would need something that is smaller for travel and one that is easily refillable from potential streams and other clean water sources.


Water containers are generally made from plastic or fiber material. These are considered durable and are widely used to manufacture camping gear.

Over the years, BPA free containers have also made it to the market. Best water containers for camping are also available in Food Grade Material.

Smaller metal containers are also extremely popular and are durable and safe for you and the environment.

As the container would be used outdoors, the material should be strong enough to withstand rough usage.


Collapsible water containers….some as large as 20 gallon, come in handy to solve the problem of space concerns. You might head out for camping only once or twice a year and for the remaining period, the water container sits ideally in your storage.

Getting a foldable water container would definitely help you to solve this problem. Moreover, it is easier to pack it in your bag or carry it in a tight vehicle.

Although they are convenient, they are not as durable and long-lasting as the hard plastic types that can last for years!

Structure and Design

Some containers have a wide opening at the top that makes it easy to fill and clean. Others may have a spigot or spout towards the bottom of the container making it convenient to dispense water without tipping the container.

Another thing to consider would be the placement of the handle. It should be placed in a way that is comfortable but also sturdy enough to lug around a large water container which when full can be extremely heavy.

Also, some water containers come with built-in water filters that purify the water and make it fit for drinking.


If your traveling in your RV or car and have just filled your water container, the last thing you need is a leak.

Make sure you purchase a container that has a good seal and cap that seats nice and tight. Moreover, if you have a container with a spigot, place it in a spot where it can be get bounced around causing it to crack open and start dripping

Any leakages inside your tent, car or RV can cause damage to the expensive camping gear you are carrying.


Water containers are available in varied capacities and price ranges. While most of them are well under a hundred dollars, there are many high capacity water containers that can cost you a couple hundred dollars.

Depending on your purpose and budget you should buy the one that best suits your needs.

Best Water Containers For Camping

1. Gowithwind Collapsible Water Container with Spigot, FDA Camping Water Jug, BPA Free Water Storage Bag for Outdoors Hiking

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This is a 5.3-gallon portable water container that helps you save a lot of space while traveling. It comes with a carry bag that you can use when headed for an outdoor adventure.

Made from high-quality BPA material, it does not dissolve plastic particles when water is stored inside the container. The leak-proof design makes it a great camping gear.

The flow of water from the tap is decent and better than most other water containers.

  • Made from FDA approved Food Grade Material.
  • BPA free and non-toxic plastic quality
  • Collapsible design makes it portable for all kinds of use.
  • Perfect for hiking, backpacking, and outdoor adventures.
  • Frequent fold leads to white crease formation on the plastic body.
  • Average looking design

2. WaterStorageCube Premium Collapsible Water Container Bag, BPA Free Food Grade Clear Plastic Storage Jug for Camping

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Small and portable, the WaterStorageCube Premium Collapsible Water Container Bags come in a capacity of 1.3 gallons and in a pack of 4.

It is a perfect substitute for large water containers that are heavy and take a lot of space. Each camper can use their own water container.

You could also use them to stock juices and other beverages. These bags can also be stored in the freezer to carry cold water.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Affordable and value for money.
  • Portable and easy to pass around.
  • Can also be used for small parties.
  • Not suitable for rough usage.
  • It looks cheap in comparison to other containers

3. Reliance Products Jumbo-Tainer 7 Gallon Jerry Can Style Rigid Water Container

Check Price On Amazon

This jumbo water container will let you carry enough water to your camping expeditions.

It has a capacity of 7 gallons and is made from industrial quality material. This makes it sturdy and durable.

The nozzle can be turned to adjust the flow of water. To prevent leakages you should not fill water to full capacity.

The Jumbo container is perfect for camping adventures with a large group of people.

  • Two handles make it easy to carry around.
  • 7-gallon high capacity container.
  • Made from industrial quality durable materials.
  • The container is not portable.
  • Water leaks if filled to full capacity.

4. Igloo corporation 42154 6 Gallon, Blue Water Container

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One of the best water containers for camping, the 6-gallon water container is ideal for storing water for ancillary purposes.

It comes with a flexible spout that lets you use it for controlled water flow. The additional spout is skinny and long.

This can help in pouring water around the tent as well as for home gardening. The container has 2 handles to provide you a comfortable holding position.

  • Made from FDA approved material.
  • High capacity 6-gallon storage.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Flexible spout option.
  • The absence of a screw cap makes it prone to leakages.
  • Not ideal for storing potable drinking water.

5. Reliance Products Desert Patrol 3 Gallon Rigid Water Container

Check Price On Amazon

This one is a 3-gallon water container made from durable quality BPA free plastic. It has an ideal storage capacity that makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

The rigid water container is particularly useful for students who find the 5-gallon water containers heavy to carry.

It has a width of 6.25 inches that lets it easily squeeze in the back of your car.

  • Algae green color makes it look appealing.
  • Narrow width provides a better travel experience.
  • Made from BPA free material.
  • Not for long term usage.
  • Vent and cap are made from cheap grade material.

6. Cornucopia Brands One-Gallon Collapsible Water Containers (2-Pack); BPA-Free Water Dispensers with Spigots for Travel, Camping, Emergency Storage

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These come in a pair of 2 with each having a capacity of one gallon. If you are headed on a camping adventure for the first time and are looking for a cheap container, then this is the best water container for camping.

It comes with a standard cap and nozzle vent and can be collapsed when not in use. The only thing that might pose a problem is the absence of a handle to carry it around.

  • Collapsible and easy to carry.
  • Made from FDA approved BPA free plastic.
  • Amazing price
  • Efficient utilization of space
  • Does not have a handle.
  • Not for long term rough usage.

7. Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container

Check Price On Amazon

A multipurpose container that can be used for outdoor camping or storing water during a hurricane., it has a jumbo capacity of 7 gallons.

Sufficient to give you water backup for almost a week. The rectangular shape of the container makes it stand steady and avoid leakages.

There is a rubber disc around the nozzle to prevent water from falling out. The spigot can be screwed on the inside of the container which prevents damage while traveling.

  • Durable and best for outdoor activities
  • Value for money.
  • Molded markings to measure water levels.
  • It comes with 5 years manufacturer’s defect warranty.
  • It is not BPA free

8. Collapsible Water Container, Freezable, BPA Free Plastic Water Carrier Tank, Outdoor Folding Water Bag for Sport Camping Riding Mountaineer

Check Price On Amazon

These are strong portable water containers that can be carried for camping adventures without the need to be extra careful.

It is made from high-quality plastic material which does not damage the container even after rough usage and minor drops. It comes in a set of 4, each having a capacity of 1.32 gallons.

Though they seem fragile, the containers perfectly stand upright when water is filled inside.

  • Made from BPA free plastic materials.
  • Can be frozen to store cold water.
  • Sturdy and stand upright when full.
  • Portable and easy to carry due to the foldable nature
  • Inadequate water storage capacity.
  • The plastic is thin and seems to develop creases.

9. Lifesaver 10,000 Liter Water Purification Start-Up Pack. Camping, Emergency Preparedness

Check Price On Amazon

This is necessary gear for frequent campers. Lifesaver’s water tank has a portable filtration technology that can purify water filled from lakes and make it safe for drinking.

It can remove up to 99.99% of the bacteria and germs.

This is the best water tanker for camping at a terrain situated in remote locations and where you would need to survive on the resources available in the wild.

  • Built-in water purification system based on Nanometer ultrafiltration
  • It comes with a shower handle.
  • High capacity 2640 gallons storage.
  • Failsafe to indicate when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • Bulky and difficult to carry
  • Very expensive in comparison to other containers.

10. Moose Bag Collapsible Water Container. FREEZABLE, Portable Water Carrier, Hydration Pack ICE Bladder

Check Price On Amazon

This is a portable and lightweight moose bag water container that can be used in multiple ways. You can hang it on the branch of a tree or place it on a table.

The best part about this container is that the spigot is attached to a small tube which makes it convenient to use. Ice cubes can also be stored inside the bag and dispensed through a small valve.

  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Moose bag is better than other plastic containers.
  • It can be folded to save space when not in use.
  • Top opening to store ice inside the bags.
  • Small storage capacity.
  • Slightly expensive over other water containers mentioned in the list.

11. Reliance Products Aqua-Pak 2.5 Gallon

Check Price On Amazon

Made from a firm and compact material, the Reliance water container has a capacity to store 2.5gallons of water.

The spigots can be screwed on the inside and are of durable quality. It is easy to fill the water, owing to the large diameter of the nozzle.

The Aqua-Pak water container is BPA free which makes it fit for storing drinking water.

  • Translucent design to measure water levels.
  • Easy to carry and refill water inside the container.
  • Affordable and has multipurpose utility.
  • Reversing the spigot can be a tricky process.
  • Water can often leak through plastic spigots.

12. REDCAMP 4/4.9 Gallon Portable Water Container with Spigot for Camping

Check Price On Amazon

Made from food-grade odorless plastic, it has a capacity of 4.9 gallons. The jug comes with a spare spigot and other compatible accessories.

It also has an air vent at the top that maintains the pressure inside the container. The spigot is sturdy and the jug can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

The handle has a molded finger grip which makes it convenient to carry.

  • Large opening makes it easy to clean and fill.
  • Cleaning brush, pipe, and air inlet cover included in the purchased kit.
  • Can withstand long and heavy usage.
  • Reversing the spigot can be a tricky process.
  • Can only store water in a temperature range of 0-50 degree Celsius.

13. Hydrapak Seeker – Collapsible BPA & PVC Free Water Storage Bag

Check Price On Amazon

The flexibility and durable material of this water container make it great for personal use.

It is light and made from high-quality PVC material. The water container can withstand extreme temperatures that make it a great option for frequent campers.

Small and portable form factor lets you easily carry it in a small backpack. The best part of the water container is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Ultra portable and collapsible design.
  • Perfect for individual use.
  • Abrasive resistant make it durable for long term usage.
  • BPA free plastic. It does not alter the taste of water.
  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Limited storage capacity.
  • Slightly expensive.

14. Smart Tank 50 Gallon Stackable Water Storage Tank – BPA Free – Made in the USA

Check Price On Amazon

This is a 50-gallon jumbo capacity water tanker. Great for camping excursions that have a large number of participants.

It can also act as an emergency reservoir in case of natural disasters. The best part about the tanks is that it can be stored outside as it reflects UV rays and is made from BPA free plastic.

Molded side handles will let you carry them easily.

  • Made from food-grade material that does not alter the taste of water.
  • High capacity water storage tank.
  • Stackable design to save space.
  • Difficult to carry around.
  • Not for individual use.

15. Big Jug New Material Tritan 1 Gallon/2.2L Dishwasher Safe Motivational Time Maker Plastic Hot Cold Water Container

Check Price On Amazon

A small 1-gallon water tanker, it is definitely one of the best water containers for camping. The cap has a filter to add ice cubes.

This comes in handy to give you cool drinking water when you are out in the hot. Side handle extends a convenient grip to make it easy to carry.

It also has a strap that lets you hang it around your wrist.

  • Has a leak-proof design.
  • Made from BPA free high-grade eco-friendly plastic.
  • Easy to carry around and great for personal use
  • Great value for the price.
  • Ice container in the cap to provide cold drinking water.
  • Small storage capacity.
  • It cannot be carried inside a backpack.

The Verdict

Our list of best water container for camping has covered the widely used water containers available in the market.

Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container is certainly the top one on our list. It is made from durable quality plastic material and comes at an affordable price.

The cap screw provides an airtight sealing that keeps the water clean and prevents leakages.

Go explore and stay hydrated!

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