Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Under 35 Feet

What is a toy hauler? Simply put, it’s a home on wheels that allows you to pack along all your favorite toys—motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks, and so on. When you invest in a 5th wheel toy hauler, you’ll have the option of detaching your tow vehicle as well, giving you even more flexibility on the road.

Read on for tips on finding the best 5th wheel toy hauler under 35 feet.

  • Forest River XLR Boost 32RZR14
  • KZ Venom V-Series V3214DK
  • Forest River Sandstorm 285GSLR
  • Evergreen Tesla 3212
  • Forest River Stealth SA2816G

Choosing The Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

We already know you’re looking for a 5th wheel that measures 35 feet or shorter in length. But what are the other factors that should impact your decision? Here are the most important features to consider when you’re narrowing down your options.


Set a budget before you start shopping, and try not to go over your prescribed limit. Fortunately, you’re in the market for a relatively small toy hauler, which should help to keep the cost under control.


It’s important to know the height of any camper before taking it out on the road, particularly if you’ll be crossing state lines. Some bridges and tunnels may have lower clearance than you’re used to, so keep this measurement in mind when you’re driving to your next destination.

Dry Weight

The dry weight, sometimes advertised as the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), refers to the weight of the camper when it contains no cargo, liquids, or passengers. For obvious reasons, this number should be significantly lower than the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. Remember that you’ll be bringing a great deal of recreational cargo along most of the time, so be sure to make allowances for the extra weight.

The average weight of a 5th wheel toy hauler ranges from 10,000 to 16,500, depending on length. To determine whether your towing vehicle will be able to handle the job, it’s a good idea to learn the total weight of whatever “toys” you plan to load into the cargo space as well.

One other consideration: While lighter travel trailers are easier to tow, a suspiciously low dry weight could be the result of a flimsy construction. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a relatively lightweight 5th wheel that’s sturdy enough to handle all your gear.

Cargo Space

Since there’s a good chance you already know what you intend to load into the toy hauler, your next step is to make sure the cargo area is large enough to hold it. The last thing you want is to end up with a model that you can’t use for its intended purpose.

For your convenience, here’s a list of average lengths for some of the most common recreational items that people tend to store in their toy haulers:

  • 4-Wheeler -7 feet
  • Motorcycles -6-8 feet
  • Kayaks -10 feet
  • Bicycles -5-6 feet

Maximum Capacity

How many people can comfortably sleep in the 5th wheel, and how many bunks do you need? The size of your family should provide you with a good base number, but you should also consider whether or not you’ll be bringing friends along on a regular basis.

Families with teenagers should also take a careful look at the size of the bunks. Some convertible sofas and dinettes are better suited for small children than full-grown humans.

Tank Capacity

Most 5th wheel toy haulers will be equipped with three holding tanks: one for freshwater, one for black water, and one for gray water. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, here’s a brief rundown.

As the name suggests, a freshwater tank is used to hold the water you’ll use for drinking, bathing, and washing dishes. This is typically the largest tank of the three. In 5th wheel trailers, the freshwater tank will generally hold at least 100 gallons.

If the unit has a toilet (and most 5th wheels will), the black water tank is where the wastewater goes after a flush. The tank will need to be emptied periodically (usually every week or so, or after each camping trip) into a city sewer system, septic tank, or dump station.

The task requires a sturdy sewer hose and a pair of disposable gloves. For more advice on dumping the black water tank, take a look at this YouTube demonstration.

“Gray water” refers to the runoff from the shower and the sink. In other words, this is wastewater that’s not immediately reusable but isn’t toxic either. This reservoir should be emptied in the same fashion as the black water tank.

Be aware that not all travel trailers will be equipped with a gray water tank. In some cases, the runoff goes directly into the black water reservoir, in which case you’ll need to empty that tank more often.

Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Under 35 Feet: Product Review Guide

Forest River XLR Boost 32RZR14

LengthHeightDry WeightCargo SpaceSleepsFreshwaterBlack WaterGray Water
33 ft 8 in13 ft 5 in9,560 lbs14 ft2100 gals38 gals38 gals

With a cargo bay measuring 14 feet in length, this is a 5th wheel for couples or singles who are more interested in the toys than the living space. Although it only sleeps two people, those lucky individuals are sure to be enchanted with this home-away-from-home—and portable garage unit.

The XLR Boost 32RZR14 offers a front-facing master bedroom with a king-sized bed, perfect for relaxing after long days spent enjoying the outdoors. There’s even a wardrobe slide-out for added storage. We’re especially fond of the dual-entry bath, which eliminates a lot of backtracking.

As an added perk, this model comes outfitted with an outdoor shower, so campers can hose off the mud from the trail before tracking it through the RV’s interior. A 15-foot power awning makes the outdoor area even more inviting. Also, dog owners are sure to appreciate the built-in leash that keeps Fido from wandering too far.

Ample LED lighting brightens the interior, which is warmly accented with ash-colored wood and dark brown upholstery. The bathroom fixtures are surprisingly attractive, with a stall shower that’s larger than we were expecting from a unit this size. Since the dry weight comes in under 10,000 pounds, it should be easy to load in all your favorite toys for an exciting backwoods adventure.

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KZ Venom V-Series V3214DK

LengthHeightDry WeightCargo SpaceSleepsFreshwaterBlack WaterGray Water
35 ft13 ft 4 in10,230 lbs18 ft4112 gals53 gals53 gals

The Venom V3214DK is slightly larger than most of the units listed here, coming in right at our 35-foot cutoff. However, the extra space makes for a more generous cargo area, which measures 18 feet in length.

This rig sleeps four people, with a king bed in the main bedroom and an optional “power bed” above the cargo space. The bathroom is roomy, with a stall shower in addition to the sink and toilet. However, we should point out that the latrine’s location makes it far more convenient for the people in the master bedroom than for anyone else.

Fortunately, the living area is also quite spacious, which makes this a nice choice for small families or two couples traveling together.

The interior boasts light wood accents and comfortable furniture, including a flip-top sofa. An oversized 20-foot awning—complete with LED lighting—rounds out the outdoor living space. If you’re looking for a roomy 5th wheel toy hauler that’s still relatively easy to maneuver, this offering from KZ could be just the ticket.

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Forest River Sandstorm 285GSLR

LengthHeightDry WeightCargo SpaceSleepsFreshwaterBlack WaterGray Water
32 ft 6 in13 ft 4 in9,407 lbs16 ft 4 in10106 gals40 gals60 gals

The Sandstorm 285GSLR is an extraordinarily efficient 5th wheel trailer that manages to be compact and roomy all at the same time. Although it measures just 32.5 feet in length, it has a maximum sleeping capacity of 10 and a 16-foot cargo bay, making it an appealing option for large groups.

The master bedroom is spacious, boasting a queen-sized bed, two nightstands, and a wardrobe slide-out. A bathroom (complete with shower) is situated between the bedroom and the L-shaped kitchen, which consists of a three-burner range and double sink in addition to the refrigerator.

Additional sleeping space is available in the form of an electric bed in the rear, a pull-out sofa, and dinette. The dinette can also be converted into twin captain’s chairs.

Buyers should be forewarned that the holding tanks aren’t particularly large for a rig that claims to sleep 10 people. The freshwater tank holds just 106 gallons, while the black water tank has a maximum capacity of 40 gallons. If a lot of people are traveling with you, make sure to stay within easy driving distance of a sewer line or dump station.

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Evergreen Tesla 3212

LengthHeightDry WeightCargo SpaceSleepsFreshwaterBlack WaterGray Water
32 ft13 ft 1 in12,200 lbsN/A8174 gals40 gals70 gals

The 2015 version of this 5th wheel toy hauler is considerably smaller than its later-model counterparts, measuring just 32 feet long. Despite that, the cargo area offers plenty of space for loading and unloading all your recreational gear. There’s also an option to create a patio area off the cargo deck to maximize the outdoor living space.

With a sleeper sofa and queen bed in the rear, sofa slide in the living area, and queen-sized bed in the master bedroom, the Tesla can easily sleep 8 people. Speaking of the master bedroom, it’s located up a small set of stairs—a nifty feature that boosts the privacy factor. A full wardrobe can also be found here. The adjacent bathroom includes a sink, toilet, and oversized shower area.

The L-shaped kitchen is equipped with a large sink, refrigerator, and two-burner range. We find this area to be a bit cramped, especially if there are really eight people staying here. Fortunately, the optional patio area goes a long way toward making the rig seem larger than it is.

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Forest River Stealth SA2816G

LengthHeightDry WeightCargo SpaceSleepsFreshwaterBlack WaterGray Water
32 ft 6 in13 ft 4 in9,640 lbs16 ft 4 in6140 gals40 gals65 gals

With a dry weight of just 9,640 pounds and a maximum sleep count of 6, the Stealth SA2816G is one of the most versatile toy haulers on our list. Because of its abbreviated length, it’s generally easy to find a parking spot or campsite when you’re driving this rig. As if that weren’t enough, it also boasts a cargo area that measures over 16 feet in length.

The layout is quite similar to that of the Sandstorm model, with a master bedroom flanked by a well-equipped bathroom. Plenty of wardrobe space is available here. The kitchen offers a three-burner range and sink area with a small refrigerator. A flip sofa, matchbox-sized table, and two chairs can be found in the living area, which leads to a second sleeping area with an electric bed.

Because the freshwater tank is capable of holding 150 gallons, this unit would be a solid choice for families traveling with teenagers who like to shower often. The interior doesn’t offer much in the way of frills, but on the plus side, that also helps to cut down on maintenance. Take a look at the Stealth if you’re mostly interested in the outdoor aspects of camping.

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In Conclusion

Of all the units we’ve reviewed, the Forest River XLR Boost 32RZR14 impressed us the most. While its low sleeping capacity limits its use to either individuals traveling solo or couples, it has enough high points to make it especially appealing to this target audience.

We love the outdoor shower and pet leash, and the creative LED lighting gives it a warm, homey feel.

The cargo area is large enough to store a couple of lake-touring kayaks, or a pair of dirt bikes if you prefer. Most importantly, it’s short enough to be appealing to first-timers who are intimidated at the thought of driving a huge rig.

Good luck, and happy camping!

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