10 Amazing 5th Wheel Bunkhouse Floor Plans

If you’ve ever been inside a 5th wheel travel trailer, you know that they have more in common with cozy summer cottages than with regular campers.

That’s what makes them such a great draw for larger families. When there are teenagers and young adults in the party, a bunkhouse configuration is a must. Take a look at these amazing floor plans to find out if one of them is the right fit for you.

  • 2020 Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2891BH
  • 2021 Keystone Avalanche 395BH
  • 2020 Highland Ridge Open Range 374BHS
  • 2020 Jayco North Point 377RLBH
  • 2021 Forest River Arctic Wolf 287BH
  • 2021 Grand Design Solitude 3740BH
  • 2019 Crossroads RV Volante VL295BH
  • 2019 KZ Sportsmen 281BHK
  • 2020 Palomino Puma 289BHS
  • 2020 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL

About 5th Wheel Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

A 5th wheel is a camper equipped with a raised segment that rests over the bed of a pickup truck. For this reason, they can only be towed by pickups that have been outfitted with a 5th-wheel trailer hitch.

Although they might look a bit ungainly from the outside, the multi-level nature of 5th wheel trailers gives their interiors a spacious, airy appearance. The extra room is sure to appeal to growing families who like to spread out. If there’s a separate sleeping area with bunk beds, as outlined in our roundup below, then everyone will have their own space when it’s time for bed, too.

5th Wheel Bunkhouse Floor Plans: Product Review Guide

2020 Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2891BH

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
36 ft 6 in9270 lbs3954 gals

Convenience and luxury abound inside the Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2891BH. This isn’t the largest trailer on our list, but its generous amenities make it one of our favorites. If you’re traveling with at least three teens or preteens, this model is worth a look.

To the right of the main entrance is the master suite, complete with queen-sized bed and bathroom with stall shower, sink, and toilet. On the lower level, you’ll find a living area complete with sofa, king-sized dinette, fireplace, and plenty of storage space. The kitchen is equipped with a double sink, microwave, fridge, and pantry. There’s also an outdoor kitchen shaded by a 20-foot awning.

In the rear is the second sleeping area, which offers a single bunk/dresser combo, as well as a larger set of double bunks. This three-bunk configuration is convenient, but be forewarned that the single bunk only measures 32 inches long, making it a no-go for older kids.

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2021 Keystone Avalanche 395BH

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
41 ft 6 in13,878 lbs21066 gals

If you prefer a king-sized bed, the 2021 Keystone Avalanche 395BH could be for you. There are plenty of other reasons to get on board with this behemoth of a 5th wheel, but the master bedroom—with its plethora of storage options, washer/dryer setup, and of course, the comfy bed—is the star of the show.

Rounding out the master suite is a bathroom with tub/shower combo, toilet, and sink. These facilities are easily accessible from the living area, but you’ll have to ascend the steps in order to reach them. Downstairs, a tri-fold sofa and dual recliners create theater seating for viewing the entertainment center and fireplace. The kitchen features a center island with double sinks, a microwave, a huge refrigerator, a pantry, and a stove with a three-burner range.

The bunks are located in a loft area above the rear living space, which includes a small sofa and a wardrobe with a TV option. There’s also a second bathroom, meaning that the occupant of one of the bunks will have to deal with the sound of flushing directly below their sleeping space.

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2020 Highland Ridge Open Range 374BHS

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
39 ft 8 in12,450 lbs2885 gals

The 2020 Highland Ridge Open Range 374BHS is geared toward families who like to enjoy the comforts of home in the evenings. Although there are two awnings and a well-appointed outdoor kitchen, the interior layout is designed to welcome those who crave a healthy dose of screen time.

The living space is dominated by an entertainment center and built-in fireplace, both of which can be viewed from the theater sofa and dinette just a few feet away. A center island graces the kitchen area, offering prep space as well as a sink. The kitchen is also equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and oven with three-burner range.

Flanking this area are the two bedrooms. The master suite is located on the upper level and consists of a queen-sized bed, bathroom, and ample closet space. In the rear, you’ll find the bunk beds, a wardrobe, and a tiny bathroom (sink and toilet only). We should also add that this rear bedroom has plenty of floor space, which is unusual for 5th wheels with this configuration.

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2020 Jayco North Point 377RLBH

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
42 ft 11 in14,040 lbs2975 gals

If it’s class and comfort you’re after, the 2020 Jayco North Point 377RLBH has you covered. This unit, which measures nearly 43 feet in length, offers a myriad of amenities that will make you feel right at home, no matter where you are.

The master suite dominates the forward half of the trailer, with a queen-sized bed, walk-in closet, and bathroom with stall shower. A large window fills the hall with natural light, making the narrow space feel much more spacious. The bunks are situated in the center of the rig, filling out the loft space just above a bonus room with a desk/TV combo.

A rear-facing living area offers a pair of comfortable sofas, which form an L-shape around the fireplace and entertainment center. There’s even an overhead fan and an ottoman, sweet touches that give the area a homey feel. The kitchen is outfitted with a center island, double sinks, microwave, pantry, refrigerator, and stove with three-burner range. There’s also a cozy dinette that can seat up to four people, although with so many other enticing spots to choose from, we doubt whether the table will see much action.

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2021 Forest River Arctic Wolf 287BH

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
34 ft8368 lbs2849 gals

The 2021 Forest River Arctic Wolf 287BH is the ideal option for families with college-aged kids. The rear bunk beds measure 54 inches wide by 74 inches long, a generous size that allows each bunk to sleep two people if necessary. Even if you don’t plan on bringing that many people along, however, this is one impressive unit.

Just inside the door, you’ll find a “coat-drop zone,” a sweet touch if you enjoy romping through the woods in all types of weather. On the second level is the master bedroom, complete with queen-sized bed, overhead storage, and bath with stall shower. The living area offers a U-shaped dinette and tri-fold sofa, right in front of the TV/fireplace combo. An overhead fan allows the heat from the fireplace to distribute evenly, warming the entire area.

The galley-style kitchen features a corner sink, three-burner range, and refrigerator, but the outdoor cooking zone encourages you to prepare most meals alfresco. As we mentioned, the oversized bunk beds can be found in the rear, but the master suite has the only bathroom facilities.

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2021 Grand Design Solitude 3740BH

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
40 ft 4 in13,884 lbs41091 gals

The 2021 Grand Design Solitude 3740BH lives up to its name, providing you with everything you need to survive in the great outdoors. In fact, this is bound to be a popular choice even with people who aren’t enthusiastic about camping in the first place.

In addition to the dresser and wardrobe, the master bedroom offers a walk-in closet that spans the width of the forward-facing wall. In the bathroom, a skylight enlivens the stall shower, which is also outfitted with a corner seat.

Down the stairs on the main level, we have the kitchen, complete with center island, sink, microwave, refrigerator, pantry, and stove with three-burner range. A free-standing dinette and theater-style sofa offer seating for up to six people. Like most of the units on our list, the living area is outfitted with a TV/fireplace combo, but the positioning of the center island may interfere with the view.

The bunk area is configured in an L-shape, offering additional sleeping space for four. One of the smaller bunks can be converted to a sofa when it’s not in use, giving the room a dormitory feel. A second bathroom can be accessed through the bunk room or from outside, which is convenient if you’re spending time in the outdoor grilling area.

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2019 Crossroads RV Volante VL295BH

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
33 ft 9 in8522 lbs1960 gals

If it’s an open floor plan you’re after, the 2019 Crossroads Volante VL295BH should be right up your alley. While it’s one of the shorter models listed here at just under 34 feet, the living area offers a great deal of floor space, giving it the feel of a much larger unit.

The master suite doesn’t offer much in the way of fancy amenities, but it’s more than adequate, with a queen-sized bed and twin wardrobes. The only bathroom is located adjacent to the main sleeping area and included a stall shower, toilet, and sink.

Once you’ve descended to the main level, you can access the pantry, tucked behind the entertainment center and fireplace. A tri-fold sofa and U-shaped dinette offer prime seats for viewing. The kitchen is L-shaped, offering a double sink, microwave, refrigerator, and 3-burner range.

The bunk feels a bit like an afterthought, crammed into the rear with only a small wardrobe to round out the living space. However, if you have one younger child who just needs a private place to sleep, this floor plan should deliver everything you need.

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2019 KZ Sportsmen 281BHK

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
33 ft 6 in7730 lbs2838 gals

If you’re traveling with teenage girls, look no further than the 2019 KZ Sportsmen 281BHK. This unique layout offers a rear bathroom that’s adjacent to the double-bunk combination and includes a stall shower, toilet, and sink. While that might not sound like a big deal, anyone who’s ever had to vie for bathroom time with girls of a certain age will understand.

Fear not—there’s also a bathroom in the master suite, but this one is only outfitted with a sink and toilet. The queen bed is flanked by a couple of decent-sized closets, with pass-through storage available above the bathroom. The living space offers a U-shaped dinette and plush sofa, with an entertainment center lining the adjacent wall. Kitchen facilities are cramped but well-appointed, with a three-burner range, microwave, refrigerator, and large sink. If you need more space for food prep, an outdoor kitchen is located just outside the bunk area.

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2020 Palomino Puma 289BHS

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
34 ft 3 in8389 lbs21051 gals

At first glance, the 2020 Palomino Puma 289BHS is nothing special. But if you add on the outdoor kitchen facilities, complete with mini-fridge, griddle, and extra sink, you have a 5th wheel RV to write home about. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with the interior—on the contrary, this is a roomy and attractive trailer with enough space to sleep 10 people.

The unit’s sole bathroom is adjacent to the main sleeping area, equipped with a large stall shower, toilet, sink, and linen closet. Fortunately, it can be accessed easily from the living area as well. The master bedroom includes a queen-sized bed and two wardrobes, with a separate storage area overhead.

An entertainment center is wedged into a corner just inside the entrance, where it can be viewed from either the dinette or the tri-fold sofa. The kitchen features a generous amount of counter space in addition to a large sink, refrigerator, pantry, and three-burner range. Like the Forest River Arctic Wolf, this model features a set of double bunk beds, making it a great fit for college-aged kids and young adults.

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2020 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL

LengthDry WeightNumber of BunksSleepsFreshwater Tank
39 ft11449 lbs21048 gals

Our favorite aspect of the 2020 Coachmen Chaparral 360IBL is the bedroom configuration, which puts the bunk area right next to the master suite. This allows everyone to have equal access to the bathroom facilities, which include a huge shower as well as a toilet and sink.

The master bedroom is equipped with a queen-sized bed, wardrobe, and washer/dryer option. A pocket door offers an additional measure of privacy. In the second bedroom, you’ll find double bunks with overhead storage on either side, which makes the top bunk feel a tad cramped. Note that the inhabitants of the bunk area will have to go up two steps to access the bathroom.

A center island offers counter space and seating for two, giving the living area a cozy, convivial feel. There’s also a free-standing table and theater seating for two, with an entertainment center on the facing wall. Cooking enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the well-equipped kitchen, which includes double sinks with overhead storage, a small pantry, refrigerator, microwave, and three-burner range.

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The Bottom Line

Any of the 5th wheel trailers listed here would be a great travel companion for a group in need of extra sleeping space. Which one you choose will depend on your family’s interests, the ages of your children, and most importantly, your personal taste.

Good luck, and happy camping!

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