RV Water Pump Keeps Running (How To Troubleshoot And Fix)

When your RV’s water pump is constantly running or repeatedly cycling without water being used, it is commonly caused by a leak in your pipes. This problem can be fixed by looking at where the water is leaking and replacing the pipe, valve, or washer to restore the pressure to normal.

There are, however, some other issues that might be causing your RV’s water pump to keep on repeating. Some of these issues include:

  • Dirty water pump filters
  • Faulty water pump seals
  • Faulty water pump itself

There are few things as irritating as an RV water pump that won’t stop running or cycling when you’re just trying to sleep or relax. Unfortunately, this issue might pop up occasionally, and knowing how to deal with it can be a hassle. How can you troubleshoot and fix your water pump and get back to relaxing? Luckily I have found the most common problems and solutions.

Most times, your RV’s water pump keeps running due to a leak causing a pressure drop. This might seem like a straightforward fix, but knowing where to look and what to do can take a bit of your time if you’re not used to dealing with these kinds of problems. There is also the chance that you might have to call a professional if you do not have the right tools or know-how.

Though finding the reason for your water pump’s constant pressure cycles might take some time, it is best to find a solution to the problem. If the problem is a quick fix, you will save yourself from wearing out your water pump, and in the worst-case scenario, you will need a new water pump altogether.

How To Troubleshoot A Water Pump That Keeps Running

Knowing why your water pump keeps running is the first step to fixing it. There are a few reasons why your water pump might keep on running, and most of these issues are easy to fix. Some of the more straightforward reasons for your water pump repeating pressurization cycles are leaks in your piping, worn-down washers or seals, and dirty filters or screens.

  • Water leaks (troubleshooting) – The first thing to check when your water pump keeps running is water leaks. Leaks in your water pipe might be causing your water pressure to drop in turn, causing your pump to activate and attempt to restore water pressure.

    By walking around your RV and looking for puddles of water or places where water damage might have occurred, you should see if your water pipes are leaking. If this is indeed the problem, it is easy enough to solve.
  • Leaky taps (troubleshooting) – If the faucets in your RV are leaky, this might also be causing your water pressure to drop.

    Checking your taps for leaks is an easy job. Simply make sure your faucets are all appropriately closed, including your shower or bath taps, and see if any water still comes out. Even a couple of drops can cause your water pressure to fade, causing your water pump to activate again.
  • Dirty filters (troubleshooting) – Dirty filters are another possible reason for your water pressure to drop and your water pump to continue running when it shouldn’t. This problem is more common if you use unfiltered water points at campsites.

    To see if your RV’s water pump filter is dirty, you will have to find your pump and switch it off manually before disconnecting your water supply and disassembling it just enough to take out the filter. Luckily dirty filters are a problem that is simple enough to fix if you know how to do it.
  • Faulty seals (troubleshooting) – While inspecting your water pump, it is an excellent time to check your seals and pressure switch. If you’re inspecting your water pump and you can see water flowing out of it, there is a chance that your water pump’s seals might be at fault.

How To Fix Water Pump That Keeps On Running

Once you have located the reason for your water pump’s repeated pressurization cycle, you’ll probably be looking to fix the problem. Certain issues can be quickly resolved by yourself, and other issues might need a professional’s help.

  • Water leaks (the solution) – This solution can be done either by yourself or a professional if you prefer that. If you could find water leaks or cracks in your piping, you’ll have to switch off the power to your water pump first.

    The next part of the process is to disconnect your pump from your water source, just in case, and drain the water that might still be in the pipes. After exhausting all the water, you can simply replace the leaking line.

  • Leaky taps (the solution) – If you have found that your taps are leaky, this too should be an easy problem to solve. Again, switch off your water pump, disconnect the water source and drain the pipes before taking the next step.

    Next, you’ll want to use a pipe wrench to unscrew your taps and check the rubber seals in them. If one of them has broken or is worn down, it’s probably time to replace it. After replacing the seal, you can screw the taps back on.

  • Dirty filters (the solution) – If you have found that your water pump’s filter is dirty, it is probably best to clean it right away.

    To do this, you will need to disconnect the water pump from its water and power supply and then disassemble the parts required to take out the filter and give it a good scrub. You can start by running water over it to get out most of the dirt and then scrub it with a brush or cloth to ensure all the dirt is out.

Other Running Water Pump Solutions

If you have followed all the steps mentioned above and have not been able to sort out the problem, you might have to start looking for other fixes. These fixes will either cost you new parts, a new pump, or the help of a professional.

  • Faulty seals – If the seals on your RV’s water pump seem to have been worn down enough to cause leaks, it might, unfortunately, be time to call in a professional or get your water pump replaced.

    Though this is not true for all water pumps, most are sealed units, meaning it is hard or impossible to replace specific internal components like seals.

  • Pressure switch – If the seals of your RV are not the problem, and we hope they’re not, it might be time to buy a new pressure switch. This is an inexpensive part to replace, and there are many guides online showing you how to do so using as little as only a screwdriver.

    If your pressure switch is broken or old, it might cause unclear pressure readings, causing your water pump to keep running to restore the pressure, which is being read wrong.

  • Other problems – Including the above two solutions mentioned, if you still have a water pump that is constantly running, it is time to get a professional involved.

    Getting a professional to diagnose the problem and fix it might be a bit more expensive than most want, but you get a certain amount of surety and calm from knowing that your RV and its water pump have been taken care of by someone that knows the issue.

Good luck, and happy camping!

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