12 Nice Travel Trailers With 2 Bedrooms

Just about every travel trailer will feature a master bedroom—or at least a well-defined sleeping area. Some of the larger models, however, are equipped with two separate bedroom spaces, which can be a definite perk.

If you’re looking for a larger camper with additional beds, you might want to look into travel trailer floor plans with 2 bedrooms.

  • 2020 Crossroads Sunset Trail Super Lite SS331BH
  • 2019 Forest River Wildwood 37BHSS2Q
  • 2019 Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BHDS
  • 2018 Highland Ridge Open Range Ultralight UT2510BH
  • 2020 Jayco Jay Feather 29QB
  • 2020 Forest River Cherokee Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L
  • 2020 Keystone Passport SL Series 292BHWE
  • 2021 Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40LOFT
  • 2021 Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BHDS
  • 2017 Dutchmen Rubicon 2500
  • 2021 CrossRoads Sunset Trail Super Lite SS242BH
  • 2020 Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHTS

Why Buy A Travel Trailer With 2 Bedrooms?

There are many reasons to seek out best travel trailers with two sleeping areas in addition to the master bedroom. Here are some of the most common examples.

You Have A Large Or Growing Family.

If you have children of various ages, that second bedroom in these travel trailers could be a godsend. Everyone will get the space they need to have a good night’s rest without the usual hazard of tripping over someone on the way to the bathroom or kitchen. Teenagers and tweens will be particularly glad for the privacy—and so will Mom and Dad. Additionally, if you have older children of opposite genders, this will make it easier to separate them.

You Like To Invite Friends Along On Your Adventures.

When two adult couples take to the road in the same RV, it can be awkward to decide who gets the bedroom and who has to suffer with the convertible dinette. A second bedroom makes for a more civilized experience, with everyone having the opportunity to relax and unwind in their own space.

You’re Traveling With Your Furry Family Members.

While it might sound crazy to buy a two-bedroom travel trailer just to make more room for your dog, it’s not outside the realm of human behavior. In 2019, Americans spent more than 95 billion dollars on their pets.

If you frequently bring your dog (or dogs) along on your camping trips, you’re sure to appreciate the extra room. They’ll even have their own bed to relax in, so you won’t have to share yours. Even if your pets prefer not to sleep in there, it will give them more opportunities to stretch their legs when they’re cooped up indoors.

You’re Going To Set It Up On A Seasonal Or Permanent Lot

You have decided to take the plunge and setup on a permanent lot. These big two-bedroom travel trailers are perfect for this as you will be most likely living in it for long periods of time.

My parents have a seasonal lot with a large rig like ones on this list. It’s great for when the grand kids visit for long weekends with plenty of room to spare.

Best Travel Trailer With 2 Bedrooms: Trailer Guide

2020 Crossroads Sunset Trail Super Lite SS331BH

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
7560 lbs37 ft 6 in45 gals60 gals10

As the name suggests, these travel trailers are remarkably lightweight, with a dry weight of just 7560 pounds. Given this figure, you might expect it to have a minimalist interior. In fact, just the opposite is true.

The main sleeping area is outfitted with a king-sized bed and two sizable wardrobes, plus overhead storage. The bathroom facilities offer a shower and sink, with the toilet located on the other side of the hall. To the rear, you’ll find a bunkhouse with a jackknife sofa that provides additional sleeping space. The dinette can also be converted to a bed that sleeps two people.

A center island with built-in sink graces the kitchen area, which also includes a fridge, microwave, and three-burner range. There’s also an entertainment center and fireplace that can be enjoyed while you’re preparing dinner. The distinguishing feature of the SS331BH, however, is the second bathroom located just outside the bunkhouse. While it consists only of a toilet and a sink, it eliminates the necessity of tiptoeing through the kitchen in the middle of the night.

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2019 Forest River Wildwood 37BHSS2Q

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
7659 lbs39 ft39 gals27 gals8

Two bedrooms—one on each end—make these Wildwood 37BHSS2Q travel trailers feel more like a home than a camper. While the rear-facing bedroom has more immediate access to the bathroom, they’re otherwise identical in terms of storage and sleeping space.

Both areas offer a queen size bed, with closets located on either side. In the center, you’ll find the spacious living area, complete with entertainment center and built-in fireplace. The kitchen is galley-style, with a double sink and overhead refrigerator. A dinette and roomy sofa are located across from the kitchen facilities.

The Wildwood doesn’t have the same flair as some of the other units on our list. While the kitchen is adequate, enthusiastic chefs might be disappointed with it. The best candidates for this camper are couples who frequently invite other couples to join them on camping trips.

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2019 Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BHDS

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
7440 lbs35 ft 6 in50 gals28 gals12

Cinephiles will find plenty to love about the Minnie Plus 31BHDS 2 bedroom travel trailers, even if they’re not camping enthusiasts to begin with. In addition to the theater seating in the common area, the unit includes a second entertainment center in the rear bunkhouse. It’s such a cool setup that we would recommend this unit even if you don’t need the extra sleeping space.

The main bedroom offers a queen size bed and two wardrobes, and can be accessed by one of two sliding doors located toward the end of the bed. This dual access makes it possible to enter and exit the room without disturbing your partner. The galley-style kitchen is fairly basic, but this model includes an outdoor kitchen that beckons you to enjoy nature as you cook.

Bathroom facilities are standard yet roomy, adjacent to the second bedroom. Note that while the black water tank capacity is fairly low, the gray water tank can hold up to 69 gallons. That’s considerably more than we would expect from a travel trailer with a 50-gallon freshwater tank.

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2018 Highland Ridge Open Range Ultralight UT2510BH

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
5385 lbs29 ft 3 in51 gals29 gals8

Measuring under 30 feet in length, these travel trailers are one of the most maneuverable two-bedroom travel trailers on the market. Because of its size—its dry weight is just 5,385 pounds—it’s a great choice for first-timers who just need a little extra space.

The first bedroom is cramped but serviceable, with a double bed and the same type of dual access that distinguishes the Winnebago model. In the center of the trailer, you’ll find a U-shaped dinette, a small entertainment center, and kitchen with double sink, refrigerator, and three-burner range. Counter space is minimal, but the dinette table is configured so that you can use that as a prep surface if necessary.

Wedged between the rear bedroom and the living space is the bathroom, which manages to fit a stall shower in with the toilet and sink. While the second sleeping area doesn’t have any floor space to speak of, its occupants will have access to their own closet.

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2020 Jayco Jay Feather 29QB

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
6765 lbs34 ft 11 in42 gals30.5 gals11

With two large awnings and a well-appointed exterior kitchen, the Jay Feather 29QB 2 bedroom travel trailer is the perfect travel trailer if you prefer to spend most of your time outdoors. That’s not to say that the interior doesn’t offer plenty of benefits of its own.

The rear bedroom features two sets of bunks (one of them a double set), bringing the maximum sleep count up to 11. This room also offers a “pack-n-play” door, meaning one of the bottom bunks can be folded up to store recreational items like bicycles. A queen-size bed and two wardrobes can be found in the main bedroom. The entertainment center can be viewed from either the U-shaped dinette or the plush convertible sofa.

In the kitchen, you’ll find a three-burner range, refrigerator, microwave, and double sink. Bathroom facilities include a toilet, vanity, and corner stall shower, plus a linen closet. Despite the relatively small common area, we think active families should feel right at home in the Jay Feather 29QB.

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2020 Forest River Cherokee Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
6543 lbs36 ft 8 in49 gals35 gals8

The Alpha Wolf 29DQ-L travel trailer isn’t the largest unit on our list, but its cleverly designed interior gives it an airy, spacious feel. Though it sleeps up to eight people, we would recommend it for smaller groups or families as well.

The private sleeping areas are located on opposite ends of the trailer. Each one is equipped with a queen-sized bed and closet space, though the one at the rear has just one small wardrobe instead of two. The bathroom includes a tub as well as a shower, which is a nice perk if your kids are little. There’s also an option to enter the trailer through the bathroom, although a separate entrance can be found toward the rear.

If you love to cook, you’re bound to appreciate the walk-in pantry and residential-style refrigerator. The kitchen also offers a large sink, microwave, and stove with three-burner range. As a bonus, an exterior kitchen allows you to prepare meals while the kids are playing outside.

Relax on the jackknife sofa or oversized U-shaped dinette when you’re not busy with other tasks. A TV setup can be found just outside the pantry. In short, the Alpha Wolf is prepared to provide you with all the creature comforts without being too showy.

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2020 Keystone Passport SL Series 292BHWE

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
5878 lbs32 ft 10 in43 gals30 gals10

The Passport 292BHWE travel trailer is another lightweight two-bedroom trailer that measures under 33 feet in length. Thanks to a well-designed rear bunkhouse, it can sleep up to 10 people—though it’s probably best if most of those people are under the age of 12.

To the right of the main entrance is the main bedroom, with a queen-sized bed and twin wardrobes. The entertainment center is mounted on the exterior wall. The cozy kitchen area features a double sink, two-burner range, refrigerator, and microwave. A second kitchen area is configured along the exterior wall of the bunkhouse.

The bathroom is located toward the rear and includes a tub/shower combo. Two sets of double bunks are lined up in the rear bedroom, along with a wardrobe and built-in TV shelf. If you have young children who want to invite their friends along, the Passport 292BHWE provides you with the ideal setup.

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2021 Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40LOFT

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
41 ft 1 in11,795 lbs13,350 lbs38 gals39 gals8

The 2021 Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40LOFT travel trailer has one of the most economical floor plan on our list. Instead of taking up more of its 41-foot length with a second bedroom, it situates the bunkhouse in a loft area above the master suite. This is a cozy setup that’s sure to appeal to preteen children who want to swap ghost stories when the lights are off.

The master bedroom contains a queen bed (Jayco also offers a king-sized option for this unit), along with a wardrobe, dresser, and washer and dryer prep. In the loft, you’ll find two bed mats separated by a nightstand, a wardrobe, and a small counter area.

Just outside the bedroom area is the bathroom, which manages to find space for a medicine cabinet and a linen closet, as well as a stall shower. The front-facing living space includes a large TV, built-in electric fireplace, optional theater seating, and a convertible sofa with ottoman. An overhead fan keeps the area cool during the hotter days of the year.

The kitchen offers a large center island with double sink, a three-burner stovetop, microwave, fridge, and two pantries. Instead of a booth setup, the dining area opts for a table and chairs, which makes it easier for everyone to get up and move around. There’s also a 20-foot awning along the exterior on the passenger side.

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2021 Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BHDS

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
35 ft 6 in7,440 lbs9,995 lbs50 gals28 gals8

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a model from the Winnebago lineup. The 2021 Minnie Plus 31BHDS travel trailer is equipped with a rear bunkhouse, master bedroom, and outdoor kitchen, making it a great floor plan for families of up to 8 people. If you don’t have that many kids, ask yours to invite their friends along so you can show off this remarkable unit.

The front-facing master bedroom offers a queen bed and dual entrances. To the rear is the bunkhouse, with a trifold couch and three bunks. There are USB outlets located next to every sleeping location, which is sure to appeal to the teen crowd. The room even comes with its own entertainment center.

While the bunkhouse has better bathroom access than the master bedroom, at least you don’t have to walk through one of them to get to the other.

The bathroom also has an exterior entrance, which is an awesome perk when you’re enjoying the outdoor kitchen. Speaking of which, this setup isn’t the most generous one we’ve seen, but it does come with a sink and second fridge, as well as a pull-out cooking range.

The interior kitchen is well-appointed but small, with a sink, refrigerator, three-burner range, and corner pantry. An entertainment center is conveniently located along the wall it shares with the master bedroom on the other side.

Additional seating can be found opposite the kitchen. Buyers can choose between a U-shaped dinette or a dining table and chairs, and a tri-fold sofa or theater seating. It’s a matter of personal preference, but we think the dinette and theater seating combo is the coziest option.

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2017 Dutchmen Rubicon 2500

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
31 ft 6 in7,545 lbsN/A82 gals42 gals8

This is an older version of the Dutchmen Rubicon 2500 travel trailer, but adventurers are sure to appreciate the fact that it’s a toy hauler travel trailer. That means it’s equipped with a cargo bay where you can store bicycles, kayaks, and other recreational equipment.

The cargo area on this model measures 14 feet long and comes with a spring-assist ramp door for loading your gear. Above this space is the rear bunkhouse, with two power bunks that can be converted into sofas. The living room contains a roll-over sofa and table that can be used for additional sleeping space during the day.

The galley kitchen is located along the driver’s-side wall and consists of a small double sink, three-burner range, refrigerator, and pantry. An entertainment center is tucked into the corner outside the bathroom. These facilities are also on the snug side, but they do manage to squeeze in a stall shower. Note that the freshwater tank holds an impressive 82 gallons, so everyone can bathe even if the rig is filled to capacity.

A front-facing master bedroom offers a queen bed, wardrobe, and nightstand. There’s no direct bathroom access, but the facilities are located just outside the door.

As for outdoor amenities, the toy hauler aspect is really all this unit has going for it. For some groups, however, that should be more than enough.

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2021 CrossRoads Sunset Trail Super Lite SS242BH

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
28 ft 11 in5,231 lbs7,600 lbs45 gals30 gals8

The 2021 CrossRoads Sunset Trail Super Lite SS242BH ultra lite travel trailer has a dry weight of 5,231 pounds, making it a good choice if you don’t have a heavy-duty towing rig. There’s also an outdoor camp kitchen complete with a second refrigerator, which allows you to spend most of your days relaxing in the fresh air.

Unlike most of the travel trailers on our list, this one offers a king-sized bed as a standard option. The master bedroom also has a fair amount of storage space, but no dresser or entertainment center.

The living area has a floor plan layout that would be confusing if the space was any bigger. On one wall, you have a U-shaped dinette and refrigerator, while the rest of the kitchen facilities and the entertainment center take up residence on the opposite side. Fortunately, all of these things are still in close proximity to one another, so it’s not a serious issue.

While the bathroom includes a generously-sized shower, the freshwater tank in this unit holds only 45 gallons. Be sure to mention that to any campers who are notorious for taking a long time in the shower.

The bathroom facilities are adjacent to the rear bunkhouse, which includes a set of bunks that measure 50 by 74 inches. Be forewarned that this sleeping space is cramped to the point of feeling claustrophobic. Just outside is a wardrobe that can also be used as a pantry if you don’t need the extra closet space.

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2020 Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHTS

Dry WeightLengthFresh Water TankBlack Water TankSleeps
10,850 lbs41 ft38 gals39 gals7

Unlike many two-bedroom travel trailers, these Bungalow 40BHTS travel trailers have a layout that gives the occupants of both bedrooms equal access to the bathroom facilities. While that also means that the bedrooms are in close proximity to one another, this is a definite perk for families.

Entry is toward the rear in the Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer , with the main bedroom just to the left. This room contains a queen-sized bed, wardrobe, dresser, and single nightstand. The second bedroom offers a sofa/bunk combination, along with a desk and additional wardrobe. The bathroom is wedged neatly in between the two rooms and includes a stall shower.

The living space is gorgeously appointed, with a built-in fireplace beneath the entertainment center. Large ceiling fans can be found in both the living room and master bedroom. If you still need more beds, the sofa folds out into a surprisingly comfortable sleeping space. Kitchen facilities include a microwave, refrigerator, double sinks, and four-burner range.

Manufacturers Website

In Conclusion

Having a travel trailer with two bedrooms gives everyone more space and privacy on long camping trips. Although you’ll have to get used to maneuvering a fairly large unit, there are models available that combine space-saving with the luxury of a spare room.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

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