6 Amazing Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels

If you’re planning to take the family on a lot of extended camping trips, a mid bunk fifth wheel camper could be the way to go.

As long as you have the right towing vehicle, these units are a true home away from home. Let’s take a look at six of the most attractive models on the market.

  • 2020 Dutchmen Astoria 3273MBF
  • 2021 Grand Design Reflection 31MB
  • 2020 Crossroads Volante VL365MD
  • 2020 Keystone Cougar 368MBI
  • 2019 KZ RV Durango D343MBQ
  • 2021 Jayco Eagle 355MBQS

About Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers

The term “fifth wheel” refers to the special trailer hitch that attaches these campers to the towing vehicle. If you’ve ever seen a travel trailer with a raised section that was sitting atop the bed of a pickup truck, you were looking at a fifth wheel model.

Because the upper section usually houses the master bedroom, fifth wheels seem much more spacious than regular travel trailers. They also have a better safety record overall, making them a good fit for families with young children.

Novices who are daunted by the fifth wheel’s cumbersome appearance need not worry, either. The mechanism allows you to maneuver the vehicle without turning the camper itself, so these rigs are easy to navigate, even in tight spaces.

Be forewarned that the hitch configuration only works with certain towing vehicles. Make sure your truck is up to the job before you start shopping for a mid bunk fifth wheel.

What Does “Mid-Bunk” Mean?

Now on to the mid bunk designation. You’ve probably heard of bunkhouse campers, which have an extra sleeping area that’s equipped with at least one set of bunk beds.

The bunkhouse can usually be found in the rear of the camper. In a mid bunk unit, however, the space is situated in the center of the layout.

In most mid bunk layouts, the extra bunk space is optional. That means it can be tucked away when it’s not in use, which opens up the living space even more. Families who only need the bunks once in a while are sure to appreciate this feature.

Some models also include a desk in the mid bunk area. If you need a quiet place to work while you’re traveling, this could be the ideal configuration.

6 Amazing Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels

2020 Dutchmen Astoria 3273MBF

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
36 ft9,800 lbsN/A50 gals39 gals10

The light, airy floor plan of the 2020 Dutchmen Astoria 3273MBF is one of its most appealing features. Campers who appreciate plenty of kitchen space would do well to take a closer look at this model.

The bunkhouse offers a set of bunks that measure 48 by 60 inches, so the space could easily sleep four people. Two wardrobes can be found at the foot of the bed on either side of the door. Both the bunk area and the master bedroom are conveniently located next to the bathroom, which offers a stall shower.

In the living space, you’ll find a kitchen with a center island, double sink, microwave, refrigerator, pantry, and stove with three-burner range. There’s plenty of counter space for meal prep, and you can enjoy the entertainment center with built-in fireplace while you make dinner.

The remainder of the living space consists of a dinette, theater seating, and tri-fold sofa, so there’s room for everyone to relax. Be aware that while the bunk room is configured in a slideout, there’s no option for transforming it into another sitting area when it’s not in use.

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2021 Grand Design Reflection 31MB

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
36 ft 2 in9,778 lbs11,995 lbs80 gals43 gals6

The 2021 Grand Design Reflection 31MB has a layout similar to the Dutchmen Astoria, but it only sleeps up to 6 people. For smaller families and couples who like to bring friends along from time to time, it’s a solid option.

The master bedroom is fairly standard, with a queen-sized bed, a large wardrobe, and an option for a TV installation. The bathroom is just steps away and includes a stall shower with a skylight overhead.

Down the stairs is the bunk area, with a 36-inch flip-top bunk and a 48-inch lower bunk as well as a dresser and overhead storage. There’s plenty of floor space in here, too, so the kids can stretch out and play board games on rainy days.

The center island in the kitchen houses an oversized sink and enough counter space to prepare elaborate meals. There’s also a microwave, three-burner range, and an 8-cubic foot refrigerator. A pantry can be found along the opposite wall, which is slightly awkward but acceptable for storing dry goods.

Generous theater seating faces the 40-inch television set and built-in fireplace. Along the rear wall is an oversized U-style dinette, which also offers a nice view of the entertainment center. All in all, the living space is ample, with lots of natural light in every room.

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2020 Crossroads Volante VL365MD

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
39 ft 11 in10,951 lbs13,820 lbs51 gals44 gals10

Although it’s a larger option, the 2020 Crossroads Volante VL364MD is a beauty. Because it sleeps up to 10 people and features 4 slideouts, it’s a good choice for families who like to bring friends along on their adventures.

The main entrance leads into the living space, which features an open kitchen, two sofas, and a U-style dinette. The seating is configured to afford everyone a nice view of the entertainment center just off the kitchen. Aside from a center island that’s perfect for meal prep, the kitchen offers a double sink, microwave, refrigerator, pantry, and three-burner range.

The bunks measure 48 by 64 inches, so both the top and bottom units are suitable for co-sleeping. This area is tighter than most, but there is room for overhead storage on either side of the bunk beds.

At the top of the stairs is the master suite, with queen bed, closet and dresser space, and bathroom access. The bathroom facilities include a corner stall shower, toilet, and sink. Getting into the bathroom from the bunk area can be a little bit awkward, but at least the rooms are located near one another.

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2020 Keystone Cougar 368MBI

For a rig that measures under 40 feet, the 2020 Keystone Cougar 368MBI makes excellent use of its space. Because the bunk area can easily be converted into a den, this is a versatile model that should attract families of any size.

A queen bed comes standard in the master bedroom, but there’s an option to convert it to a king. We think the queen size is a better option, as the king can make the room seem too cramped. There’s room for a small television on the facing wall, which is a nice touch.

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
39 ft 4 in11,695 lbs13,980 lbs81 gals38 gals10

The bathroom includes an oversized shower and a pivot door hinge for easy access. From there, it’s a short walk to the bunkhouse, which consists of a tri-fold sleeper sofa with overhead loft, an entertainment center, and a storage closet.

The refrigerator in the Cougar 368MBI measures 12 cubic feet, which is ample for a unit this size. There’s also a center island with double sinks, a microwave, three-burner range, and pantry.

The dinette sits just to the left of the entrance and is situated to allow for easy conversation. Theater seating and a rear tri-fold sleeper sofa round out the living area.

In addition to the generous interior, this rig includes an outdoor grill and exterior TV hookup. While the inside is inviting enough on its own, this area gives you a good reason to go out and play.

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2019 KZ RV Durango D343MBQ

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
40 ft 2 in11,790 lbs14,500 lbs67 gals53 gals8

The 2019 K-Z Durango D343MBQ offers one of those bunk room/office combos we mentioned earlier. While its length could make parking a challenge, it’s worth a look if you plan on telecommuting from your mid bunk fifth wheel.

A king-sized bed comes standard in the master bedroom, which also includes a snug bench seat and washer-dryer prep. The large shower comes with a built-in seat, and a linen closet offers additional storage in the bathroom. There’s even a coat closet located just inside the main entrance.

The bunk room includes a hide-a-bed with overhead bunk, a desk with TV mount, and a wardrobe. This cozy area can easily double as a study or a den if you don’t need the extra sleeping space.

Kitchen appliances are standard, including a convection microwave, center island with sink, 12-cubic foot refrigerator, and 3-burner stovetop. The rear sofa includes a hide-a-bed, and theater seating faces the television and electric fireplace. The dining nook can be converted to include chairs instead of benches, which can be convenient if the unit is often packed to capacity.

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2021 Jayco Eagle 355MBQS

LengthDry WeightGVWRFreshwater CapacityBlack Water CapacitySleeps
42 ft13,250 lbs14,995 lbs75 gals50 gals11

In a way, we’ve saved the best for last. The 2021 version of the Jayco Eagle 355MBQS comes with a ton of thoughtful touches that make it the ideal getaway for families and big groups.

After hanging around in the outdoor kitchen beneath the 21-foot awning, step into the lower hallway. This leads directly into the bunk area, which houses a loft bunk and tri-fold hide-a-bed, along with a desk and overhead storage.

Up the steps, you’ll find a bathroom with a stall shower, a linen closet, toilet, sink, and overhead storage. The master bedroom offers a queen-sized bed and a large closet, along with a dresser and TV option.

The living space is equipped with a tri-fold sofa, theater seating, dinette, entertainment center with built-in fireplace, and an overhead fan. The kitchen island is one of the largest we’ve seen and houses a double sink. The walk-in pantry is conveniently located next to the rest of the kitchen appliances, including a microwave, fridge, and three-burner stovetop.

The outside kitchen alone would make the Eagle 355MBQS worth a look. Add in the spacious yet cozy interior, and you’ve got a premier mid-bunk fifth wheel model.

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In Conclusion

Whether you’re a couple who wants a separate den area or a large family with active teens, the mid-bunk configuration offers plenty of options. Take a look at one of these popular models to find out if it could be your new home away from home.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

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