Best RV Outdoor Patio Mats & Rugs For 2022

What are the best RV patio mats? If you’ve never had a reason to search for one, you might be interested to learn what sets the best mats apart from the rest.

As with any purchase, it’s a good idea to weigh your options before taking the plunge. Read on to learn more about this nifty accessory.

1. Ming’s Mark GC1 Black/Silver 8-Feet x 20-Feet -Best Overall

2. Stylish Camping RD4 -Best For Budget Shoppers

3. Camco Reversible Outdoor RV Patio Mat

4. Prest-O-Fit Patio Rug Stone Gray 6 Ft. x 15 Ft

5. Mountain Mat Eco-Friendly Outdoor Mat

What Are The Best RV And Camping Patio Mats? A Product Review Guide

Our Top Pick

1. Ming’s Mark Black/Silver 8-Feet x 20-Feet Graphic Mat

Ming's Mark GC1 Stylish Camping Reversible Graphic Patio Mat - 8' x 20', Black/Silver

For our money, Ming’s Mark currently makes the best RV and camping patio mat on the market. Not only does it offer portability and durability in one tidy package, it’s available in a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles.

Ming’s Mark makes their patio mats out of 100 percent virgin polypropylene, which makes cleanup a snap. Just sweep it clean when it collects dirt and hose it off if it gets too muddy. It’s also UV treated, so the pattern won’t fade in the sun. A handy carrying case is included to aid with transport. It’s also very lightweight, so it’s easy to load up and put away if you’re expecting inclement weather.

As we mentioned, Ming’s Mark offers many different options for this product. Because even the larger sizes are light and portable, it’s a great fit for RVs of all sizes, and even for tent sites.

  • Wide variety of color and style options
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Carrying case included
  • Fade-resistant
  • Slightly expensive
  • Material is on the thin side
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2. RD4 Classical Mat Green/Beige Reversible 6-Feet x 9-Feet

Ming's Mark RD4 Stylish Camping Reversible Classical Patio Mat - 6' x 9', Green/Beige

Looking for something that won’t hit the wallet quite so hard? The Stylish Camping RD4 mat should do nicely. These little outdoor rugs are set at an appealing price point and are reversible besides, so it’s like getting two mats for the price of one.

The RD4 measures 6 by 9 feet and rolls up for easy storage. A carrying case is included with the purchase, making it an even better bargain. Fashioned of polypropylene, it should be a good fit for forested campsites.

The material is durable enough to withstand long trips, but bear in mind that it should be removed every now and then if it’s placed in a grassy area. Like most quality patio mats, it won’t trap water, so you don’t have to worry about stepping into a puddle when you leave your camper.

If this mat has a drawback, it’s the packaging, which implements deep creases in the mat that can take a few days to straighten out. Still, if you’re a bargain shopper looking for a clean place to take off your shoes before heading inside, the Stylish Camping RD4 just might be your best bet.

  • Attractive price point
  • Durable construction
  • Reversible design
  • Misleading advertising; color is actually darker than pictured
  • Difficult to get the creases out to make the mat lie flat
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3. Camco Large Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat

Camco Large Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat - Mold and Mildew Resistant, Easy to Clean, Perfect for Picnics, Cookouts, Camping, and The Beach (6' x 9', Chevron Green Design) (42879)

Close in price to the Stylish Camping mat, but nearly as desirable as the Ming’s Mark offering, the Camco Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat checks off several important boxes. First of all, it comes in a myriad of color options, making it easier to find something that will suit your personal tastes.

Second, it’s made of a breathable, mildew-resistant material that can hold up to rain or even snow. Third, it can be cleaned easily with a damp rag and warm water. It’s even UV treated to keep the pattern looking vibrant through long years of use. And finally, it folds down to a compact size that can be stored neatly in the trunk of your car or the RV’s storage area.

This mat comes in two sizes: 6 by 9 feet, which isn’t particularly large, but provides enough space for a couple of camp chairs and a card table. Families who are looking for a play space for either the children or the dog might do better to check out the 9 by 12 foot version, which allows for a bit more wiggle room. Like the previous offering, it arrives with deep creases that can take a while to wear off, but this is overall a quality mat at an affordable price.

  • Eye-catching reversible design
  • Low price point
  • Two sizes available
  • Easy to clean
  • Stake-down loops could be sturdier
  • Deep creases pose a tripping hazard when the rug is first unpacked
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4. Prest-O-Fit Patio Rug Stone Gray 6 Ft. x 15 Ft

Prest-O-Fit Patio Rug Stone Gray 6 Ft. x 15 Ft.

Prest-O-Fit makes a rugged, attractive patio mat that’s sure to attract fellow campers to your RV site. At 6 by 15 feet, it’s an oversized offering that gives the illusion of an actual patio when positioned outside an RV’s entrance. Despite its large size, it weighs in at just 5 pounds, so it’s easy to transport. Prest-O-Fit offers a number of color options for this mat, among them Stone Gray, Imperial Blue, Espresso Brown, and Burgundy Wine.

The mat is made from a sturdy, UV-treated fabric that mimics Astroturf. Marine backing on the underside helps keep mud and dirt trapped beneath the surface. The attention to detail is excellent: The edges are reinforced to keep them from fraying, and rustproof grommets hold the corner stakes in place.

While the price point is on the high side, we believe that this mat is worth the extra cash for anyone who wants an exceptionally roomy patio area for their RV.

  • Provides plenty of room
  • Lightweight
  • Many appealing colors to choose from
  • UV-treated material
  • No stakes are provided
  • Marine backing tends to wear off after a few uses
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5. Mountain Mat eco-Friendly Outdoor Mat

Mountain Mat Teal/White (3’ x 6’) Earth-Friendly Outdoor RV Patio mat for Backyard, Beach, Camping, picnics & Yoga - Premium, Heavy Duty, Waterproof, Reversible- Woven from Recycled Polypropylene

If none of the options listed above sound suitable for your camping lifestyle, take a look at the Mountain Mat Eco-Friendly Outdoor Mat.

The Mountain Mats sit on the opposite end of the size spectrum from the Prest-O-Fit offering. There are two sizes available, both with a range of color options: 3 by 6 feet, or 5 by 7 feet. While neither model is large enough to allow space for more than just a couple of compact chairs, they have plenty of other features that make them worthy of consideration.

The extra-thick polypropylene used to make the Mountain Mat is waterproof and UV-treated, with extra stitching around the corner loops to help keep it secure. It’s also mold and mildew resistant and cleans up easily with a hose.

We’d go so far as to say that this material works better for sandy campsites than any of the other models listed here. In fact, in addition to its camping capabilities, the mat can be rolled up and secured in its carrying case for days at the beach.

Mountain Mat offers a 30-day cash back satisfaction guarantee with every purchase. This guarantee, coupled with the material’s eco-friendliness, makes this a good fit for tent campers or anyone who’s looking for a smaller mat.

  • Durable, eco-friendly material
  • Bright colors
  • Easy to transport
  • Highly versatile
  • Only available in small sizes
  • Gets quite slippery when wet
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RV And Camping Patio Mats: An Overview

Why Buy A Patio Mat For Your RV Or Campsite?

A patio mat can go a long way toward keeping your living space tidy. Instead of tracking dirt, leaves, pine needles, and other debris into the camper or tent, you’ll be leaving them outside on the mat, where they’ll have a better chance of going back to nature.

On another practical note, having a mat can also expand your living space, making the area outside your RV more comfortable for reading or sipping cocktails. As a bonus, items can be set down on the mat without getting covered in dirt. If you’re parked at a rustic campsite with no access to a picnic table, this can be invaluable for meal prep.

Families with young children or people who camp with their dogs are sure to appreciate the practical aspects of having a patio mat. Kids can stretch out for a game of Go Fish or even Twister, while dogs can be encouraged to stay within the confines of the mat to avoid getting their paws muddy.

After taking Fido for a walk, you’ll have a convenient place to wipe his paws clean before letting him back in the tent or RV.

Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Shopping

On the surface, an RV mat might not seem like a purchase that invites much introspection. After all, you’re just looking for a place to wipe your feet, right? Well, there’s more to consider than you might think, particularly if you intend to use the mat as an extension of your kitchen or living room. Your answers to these questions should point you in the right direction.

Do you have an RV or camper, and if so, how big is it?

As a rule of thumb, the smaller your camping space is, the smaller the mat should be. You’re likely to have difficulty moving a large mat if your camper has limited storage space, and an oversized patio area would look out of place in front of it.

Conversely, bigger rigs should be outfitted with large mats to make them look more inviting. If you’re the type of camper who routinely invites friends and neighbors over to your campsite, you’ll want plenty of outdoor space to accommodate them. Just make sure the storage areas have enough room to accommodate the patio mat plus all the rest of your gear.

How often do you usually camp, and for how long?

Campers who only spend a night or two at a local site a few times a year should look for a lightweight, inexpensive mat that’s easy to care for. There’s no need to invest in a heavy-duty mat for shorter stays.

For obvious reasons, frequent campers and full-time RVers are likely to appreciate the sturdier models. As a bonus, if you park for long periods, you won’t have to worry as much about how heavy it is to move, or how much storage space it takes up.

What are the environmental conditions at your typical campsite?

Do you usually camp in a forested area? If so, look for a mat made out of material that will wick away moisture easily. On the other end of the spectrum, there are mats designed specifically for camping in sandy spots.

Try to find one of these if your camping adventures often take you to the shore. RVers who typically park on concrete slabs should look for a thicker model that will feel comfortable underfoot.

Bear in mind that while the different types of patio mats are equipped to handle many conditions, none of them are designed to be left outside in severe weather.

Types Of RV And Camping Patio Mats

Sand Mats

Sand mats are made of an ingenious material that traps sand beneath the material without allowing any of it to remain on top. Campers who frequent dusty and sandy campgrounds will find these to be a valuable addition to their gear list.

Breathable Mats

This type of mat allows more light and air to pass through, thereby making them a more appealing option for grassy areas. In fact, some campgrounds will require that all mats be made of breathable material, particularly for extended stays.

Note that these might also be marketed as “grass-friendly,” but in truth, all mats will eventually kill the grass if they’re left in place long enough. That’s because grass needs sunlight in order to grow, and all mats block the sun in one way or another. If the mat is in a grassy zone, consider removing it from time to time to give the grass a break.

In Conclusion

Of all the options listed here, the Ming’s Mark is the one we would choose above all others. It’s sturdy, it’s easy to clean, and it comes with a plethora of design choices. It even has a great carrying bag to make storage and transport that much easier.

Of course, if you’re looking specifically for a sand-free, waterproof model, the Mountain Mat provides a solid alternative—as long as you don’t mind something on the smaller side.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

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