Can I Walk On An Airstream Roof?

If you’ve recently become an Airstream owner or are simply an enthusiast, you may have asked yourself this question: Can I walk on an Airstream roof? The short answer is no, but there’s more to it. In this article, we’ll explain why walking on your Airstream roof isn’t a great idea and provide tips for maintaining and accessing the roof safely.

The ‘Walking on an Airstream Roof’ Debate

Walking on an Airstream roof is a topic often discussed among RV enthusiasts. Some might say they’ve walked on their Airstream roofs without any problems. However, experts and the manufacturer generally advise against it.

The iconic design of an Airstream, with its rounded, aerodynamic shape, has a distinct appeal and functionality but isn’t designed to handle the weight of a person walking on it. The aluminum shell is relatively thin and, while it’s robust in terms of withstanding elements like wind and rain, it’s not built to support additional loads from above.

Potential Risks of Walking on an Airstream Roof

Walking on an Airstream roof poses several risks:

  1. Denting the Roof: The roof could easily dent under the weight, leading to expensive repairs. A dent might not only affect the aesthetics of your Airstream but could also lead to structural issues.
  2. Damaging Fixtures: The Airstream roof houses several important fixtures like the air conditioner, antenna, and vents. Walking on the roof could potentially damage these components.
  3. Safety Hazard: Without a proper flat surface, the rounded shape of the Airstream roof makes it easy to slip or fall, posing a safety risk.

Safe Ways to Access an Airstream Roof

If you need to access the roof of your Airstream for cleaning, maintenance, or repairs, consider these safe alternatives:

  1. Use a Ladder: A sturdy ladder leaning against the side of the Airstream can provide good access to the roof. Be sure to use a ladder with padded arms to avoid scratching the Airstream’s surface.
  2. Lay Down Plywood: If you absolutely must get on top of the Airstream, lay down a sheet of plywood across the span of the roof to distribute weight and prevent denting. Remember to be extremely careful when moving on the roof to avoid falling or damaging fixtures.
  3. Professional Help: For major maintenance tasks or if you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult a professional. Many Airstream service centers offer inspections and maintenance that might require accessing the roof.

Amazon Products to Safely Access an Airstream Roof

  1. Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels: This multi-purpose ladder comes with wheels, making it easy to move around. Its wide-flared legs offer great stability.
  2. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer: Before climbing onto your Airstream, make sure it’s stable. The X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer prevents tires from moving, giving you peace of mind while working.
  3. ProGuard Liquid Roof RV Roof Repair: In case you spot any minor cracks or damage, this product can be a useful part of your maintenance toolkit. Remember, for significant damage, it’s best to consult a professional.
  4. Camco RV Roof Vent Cover: Protect your Airstream’s roof vent from rain and other elements. This vent cover allows you to keep the vent open in any weather.
  5. 303 Aerospace Protectant: Safeguard your Airstream’s roof and maintain its shine with this powerful protectant. It offers SPF 40 protection and helps repel dust, dirt, and staining.

In Conclusion

In answer to the question, “Can I walk on an Airstream roof?” — it’s highly advised not to, for the sake of both personal safety and the well-being of your vehicle. The rounded design, while being a design icon, isn’t meant to bear extra weight. However, with careful planning, the use of the correct equipment, or the help of professionals, maintaining the top of your Airstream can be a breeze.

Good luck, and happy camping!

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