Best RV Vent Fan Replacements For Your RV And Camper

We tested eight great RV and camper vent fans and selected the MaxxFan Deluxe 07500K as the best RV vent fan replacement on the market right now.  

Your mobile home needs mobile air inside it – simple! A strong breeze and a few open generate airflow in your RV, but what happens when there’s no wind and the sun’s beating down? Well, that’s when a set of powerful RV vent fans is essential.

There are dozens of aftermarket replacement RV vent fans to choose from, and we’ve tested the best of them. Each of our top 10 best RV replacement vent fans produces excellent air circulation with low power requirements in RVs and campers large and small.

1.MaxxFan Deluxe -Best Premium RV Vent Fan Replacement

2. Fan-Tastic Best Full-House RV Vent Fan Replacement

3. Starvent -Best Value Rainproof RV Replacement Vent Fan

4. RVLOVENT 12V Fan -Best Budget RV Replacement Vent Fan

5. Hike Crew 11” -Best Small RV Vent Fan

6. Heng’s Vortex II -Best RV Bathroom Exhaust Vent Fan

We’ve given the MaxxFan Deluxe our top spot for its sheer innovative genius – four vital RV parts in one – vent, fan, lid, and cover!

With its rainproof operation, automated controls, and low profile, the MaxxFan Deluxe will enhance your mobility and comfort.

Our other picks each have their value for optimum RV air quality. Let’s unpack their respective features and benefits.

1. MaxxFan Deluxe – Best Premium RV Vent Fan Replacement

A unique roof vent with a powerful thermostatically-controlled fan, motorized lid, and a built-in rain cover, fitting a standard 14” x 14” opening and measuring just over 9” when open.

Include the remote control, and you’ve got the Rolls-Royce of RV vent fans in the ten-speed MaxxFan Deluxe.

Warranty: Two-Year on Vent Assembly/Lifetime on Dome

  • Enables ventilation in all weather conditions
  • Advanced ergonomics with remote control
  • Auto and manual fan settings
  • Pricey

2. Fan-Tastic – Best Rain Sensor RV Vent Fan Replacement

This 13-speed Fan-Tastic vent fan fits all 14” x 14” RV roof openings and includes a rain sensor, motorized lid, thermostat, reverse fan, remote control, pop-out bug screen, and a smoke-colored dome.

The Fan-Tastic vent fan strikes a delicate balance between power and energy conservation, with the tech handling unpredictable weather while you control the fan settings from the RV sofa.

Warranty: Two-Year on Vent Assembly/Lifetime on Dome

  • Closes dome as soon as it rains
  • Powerful 920CFM fan
  • Auto settings conserve energy
  • Litte bit pricey

3. Starvent – Best Value Rainproof RV Replacement Vent Fan

Here’s another unique RV vent fan design that allows you to run the fan in the rain. The Starvent has a manually operated lid that draws air in or out of your camper or RV when it’s closed, and while parked or driving in the rain.

The six-speed Starven tvent fan fits standard 14” x 14” RV roof openings and includes hardware and garnish/trim.

Warranty: 30-Days Return/Replace Policy (or contact the dealer)

  • Neat rainproof design
  • Powerful 950CFM fan
  • Great value
  • No remote control

4. RVLovent 12V Fan – Best Budget RV Replacement Vent Fan

If you’re after a low-cost and powerful vent fan that can service all the rooms in your RV, the RVLovent fits the bill. The reversible three-speed fan has a 950CFM rating, drawing a frugal 1,8Amps.

Manual fan settings, a manual lid crank, and a bug screen make a rugged unit topped with a smoke lid. Garnish/trim and hardware are included in the RVLovent package.

Warranty: 30-Days Return/Replace Policy (or contact the dealer)

  • Skylight effect
  • Powerful 950CFM fan
  • Low current draw
  • 100% manual operation

5. Hike Crew 11” – Best Small RV Vent Fan

The Hike Crew 11” vent fan delivers a practical ventilation solution at a great price for RVs and campers with limited roof space due to solar panel arrays. A three-speed reversible ten-blade fan in a steel frame with a smoke-tinted dome, the Hike Crew is a low-tech but gutsy fan that will keep your van cool and fresh.

The package includes a bug screen, garnish/trim with an LED light, and installation hardware.

Warranty: 12-Months Limited

  • Small footprint
  • 10-blade fan
  • Bug screen
  • No remote control

6. Heng’s Vortex II – Best RV Bathroom Exhaust Vent Fan

If your RV bathroom fan fails to rid the head of odors, you’ll love this super-sucker one-way exhaust fan from Heng’s – the Vortex II.

The kit includes a 9” fan in a plastic housing that fits into your existing vent frame. Three forward and two reverse speeds produce impressive air movement, and installation is easy with no need for messy sealant.

Warranty: 30-Days Return/Replace Policy (or contact the dealer)

  • Powerful replacement fan
  • Easy installation
  • Bug screen
  • 100% manual operation
  • Warranty is limited

What Makes A Great RV Vent Fan Replacement?

The best replacement RV vent fans will improve airflow in the vehicle, eliminating odors and moisture more efficiently than original vent fans. Leading RV vent fan replacements consume less power than most original vent fans and offer rainproof operation, remote control, and enhanced automation.   

Ease of installation is a critical factor when choosing a replacement RV vent fan. Ensure the supplier provides a detailed instruction manual and the necessary hardware to fit the vent fan safely and securely.

Warranties on replacement RV vent fans vary considerably. If an RV vent fan supplier cannot provide satisfactory aftersales service and a fair warranty, choose one that does.

Watch videos on RV vent fan replacement projects (there are dozens of good ones on YouTube) to see how vent fans differ in functionality and installation procedure.

How To Install An RV Vent Fan Replacement

Most replacement RV vent fans include the vent frame and lid. Installation of this type of vent fan requires the removal of the original vent fan and sealant from the RV roof. Stand-alone vent fan replacements are less common but offer easy installation using the existing vent frame.

Installation step-by-step videos are a great way to get your mind around what’s involved in replacing an RV or camper vent fan.

Replacing the RV vent fan will involve the reapplication of a suitable waterproof RV roof sealant on the exterior frame of the new vent. You’ll need:


There will come a time in any RV’s life when a vent fan replacement will be necessary. Choosing the best vent fan for your mobile home will depend on a host of factors, from the size of your RV or camper to your affinity for wireless technology, to your budget. We trust that this buyer’s guide to Best RV Vent Fan Replacements will assist you in your quest for efficient ventilation inside your rig.

If you want the best RV replacement vent fan, get the Maxxair Deluxe. It has tech, efficiency, and the ability to keep you moving and circulating fresh air in wet weather, and the low profile dome allows you to get into those low-beamed garages without ripping your roof vent cover to shreds.

Good luck, and happy camping!

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