Best Replacement RV Toilet Parts For Repairs?

We’ve tested just over ten products and have found that the Thetford toilet water valve kit is the best because it fits most RV toilets and can repair any flow issues

You should keep the Aqua-Magic RV toilet from Thetford on hand, as it can save your life when the replacement parts aren’t working. Each of the nine products we’ve chosen will help you get the water flowing or the compost composting, allowing you to drive the RV to each new adventure.

We’ve tested these on different systems in many different situations, each with a different way of working and functioning. It is important to remember that no matter what, you need to have the parts that fit your specific toilet on hand, with most RVs having generic systems specifically for easy repairs.

1.Toilet Water Valve Kit, Compatible With Thetford Aqua-Magic V High And Low Models – The best for all-around compatibility as most RV toilets are Thetford

2. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush /High Profile / Parchment – Thetford – Best as the backup system.

3. Beech Lane Patented Upgraded Toilet Water Module – Best as an alternative to the standard Thetford valves but will still work on Thetford systems.

 4. Thetford 31113 Bravura Toilet Water Module Service Package – This is the best name-brand original part to replace and upgrade RV toilets.

5. Halotronics RV Water Valve Replacement Kit For Pedal-Flush Toilets – This is the best affordable option but will require some work to get it to fit with most name-brand RV toilets.

6. Dreyoo 2 Pcs RV Toilet Valve with RV Toilet Ball Seal, Water Valve Replacement Kit – Best replacement kit for an RV with multiple toilets.

7. Thetford 31705 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Water Module Assembly The most straightforward system to use when doing repairs, with an in and out valve that makes it quick to repair.

8. Water Valve Kit, Plastic RV CamperThe best kit to make emergency repairs on any basic RV toilet system.

9. DOMETIC 385311641 Sealand Water Valve Kit Basic valve kit needed to stop water from overflowing from the toilet.

Here are the twelve products that we recommend using or keeping on hand:

1. 31705 Toilet Water Valve Kit – Best Overall

31705 Toilet Water Valve Kit, Compatible with Thetford Aqua-Magic V High and Low Models

This is the best overall RV toilet valve replacement kit because it is the universal system that you will find in most RVs. Most modern RVs already having this system in place and ready to be repaired usually do not require the seal. It should be noted that this system is easy to fit into older Thetford systems.

We recommend using this if you have a Thetford RV or even looking to upgrade the overall flow rate of your older RV toilet. Making the upgrade means keeping one or two of these in a storage compartment, with the repair only takes a few minutes to apply.

  • Universal compatibility with Thetford toilets
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • It can be bought from most retailers and on Amazon
  • Universal compatibility with Thetford toilets
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • It can be bought from most retailers and on Amazon
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2. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush – Best Alternative Option

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush /High Profile / Parchment - Thetford 31672

While fixing a toilet valve should be the highest priority, there are times and situations where that is not possible when something goes wrong. This small toilet can fit in the storage compartment underneath the RV and be left there, ready to be used should a situation arise.

It is important to have alternatives because even if you have the right parts to fix the current toilet, you may not be able to use the toilet. It would be faster to remove the current toilet in many RVs and install a new one, requiring only a few screws to do correctly.

  • Easy to install
  • Requires no fiddling with valves
  • Easy to store once the main toilet is fixed.
  • Requires that you replace the entire toilet
  • Adds significant weight to the RV
  • It may not fit in all RV toilet spaces
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3. Beech Lane Upgraded Toilet Water Module Assembly – Best Alternative Valve

Beech Lane Patented Upgraded Toilet Water Module Assembly 31705 for Thetford Magic V Toilets, Leak Resistant Design, Improved Valve Lifespan, Designed in USA for High Performance (Natural)

While Thetford is the standard RV toilet that most come with as standard, there are competitors on the market, and the Beech Lane valve is the answer to this. You can fit this with some couplings to a Thetford system or use it to repair your current valve system.

This system does not require you to unscrew anything, just clipping into place, with many people preferring to use it on different toilets because of the high flow rate. It provides the safety of knowing that your toilet is much less likely to leak.

  • Affordable when compared to other name brands
  • Made for the US market
  • Higher flow rate
  • Made to be used a lot
  • No loose parts
  • It may require a retrofit of the current valve system
  • It can be hard to find at retailers
  • Many may find it too loud when used
  • It only has a flush and does not allow to fill the bowl first
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4. Thetford 31113 Bravura Toilet Water Module Service Package – Best Original Part

Thetford 31113 Bravura Toilet Water Module Service Package , White

This is the original Thetford part that will fix most RV toilets on the market, lasting as long as the original valve did. It is slightly more expensive than other off-brand parts; it is usually the best answer for those looking for a longer-term solution.

Most of the time, you will have to ask for this part to be installed when you are having the RV repaired. Further, many people would benefit from having this valve in their RV somewhere to ensure that they can get the toilet repaired without getting things to fit just right.

  • Original name brand part
  • Can be ordered from the manufacturer
  • Most retail locations have it as well as Amazon
  • It fits without any modifications
  • Won’t fit other toilets that are not Thetford
  • It May does not last as long when used by a larger group of people
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5. Halotronics RV Water Valve Replacement Kit For Pedal-Flush Toilets – Best Affordable Solution

Halotronics RV Water Valve Replacement Kit for Pedal-Flush Toilets - Sealand/Dometic 300, 301 310, 311, 320, 321 (Hardware Included)

Halotronics has the best affordable valve system that can be hooked up to most RV toilet brands, allowing you to fit them no matter your RV’s age easily. The system is straightforward to install and will allow you to repair the toilet within minutes to allow your vacation to continue as usual.

The kit includes everything you need and will allow you to repair with only a few essential hand tools. However, it should be noted that because it is so universal, it may require some shimmying and compromises, especially when fixing higher-end toilets.

  • Most affordable
  • It should be easiest to install
  • It only requires essential hand tools
  • It May does not work with larger toilets
  • Requires that you know what piping system you have
  • It May hang loose behind the toilet
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6. Dreyoo 2 Pcs RV Toilet Valve with RV Toilet Ball Seal – Multiple Valve Kit

Dreyoo 2 Pcs RV Toilet Valve with RV Toilet Ball Seal, Water Valve Replacement Kit 385311641 Compatible with Dometic 300 310 320 Series Pedal Flush Valve Toilets RV Toilet Parts Seal for Camper Toilet

Most RVs only have one toilet to worry about, but a few on the market have two or more toilets. Further, when going on extended vacation trips, you need to make sure that you have backups of the backups, and the Dreyoo kit is perfectly made for this.

It is recommended to have this kit on hand no matter what toilet is in your RV; as long as it uses pedals, this kit is made to help you fix a broken valve. Further, the kit includes everything you need by two to fix your toilet and have everything that may suddenly break.

  • Affordable for two sets of valves and seals
  • Can be kept as the only backup for smaller RVs
  • Has universal fitting for pedal toilets
  • Lower production quality can be weak
  • It May does not last as long as name brand valves
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7. Thetford 31705 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Water Module Assembly – Simplest System

Thetford 31705 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Water Module Assembly

While most toilets all use the same valve systems, which means that replacing them can be easy, there are a few more expensive systems on the market. Thetford has the Aqua Magic valve system for more complicated pedal toilet repairs that have to be done in RVs.

This system is easy to install with only a few clips and comes ready to assemble and seal the toilet where needed. It should be noted that this system does not work with as many other toilets as the other options on this list; this is because the valve is meant to work in line with a system.

  • Original name brand part
  • Simple installation
  • Not the highest quality
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8. DOMETIC 385311641 Sealand Water Valve Kit – Basic Valve

DOMETIC 385311641 Sealand Water Valve Kit , white

While this is the most basic valve kit that you can find on the market, it does provide you with the chance to do something unique. It does cost the most out of any single valve we have chosen because it is significantly higher in quality than most other valves.

Further, it replaces the current valve system you have with the least hassle, allowing you to connect the pipes in the right place and leave it. We recommend this for emergency repairs and an essential upgrade if you suspect the current valve system won’t last.

  • Easy to install
  • It will last a long time
  • It can work on most RV toilets
  • Expensive
  • It May be hard to find
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9. Water Valve Kit, Plastic RV Camper Toilet – Best For Emergency Repairs

385311641 Water Valve Kit, Plastic RV Camper Toilet Valve Parts for Pedal Flush Valve Toilets Compatible with Sealand 300 310 and 320 Series RV Marine Toilet Flush Valve Replacement

When it comes to doing emergency repairs in the middle of nowhere, you need to know that the valve packet has everything, including mounting screws. This simple no-name kit is the best for that, and it offers you everything you could need to repair wherever you are in the world.

It is important to remember that this kit won’t last long as it is meant to last you until you can make a stop and fix the valve permanently. Many people make the mistake of assuming that just because it works now, it will continue working forever.

  • Extremely Affordable
  • Has everything you need
  • It can last until the end of most RV trips
  • Build quality is lower
  • May break if not replaced in time
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Are All RV Toilet Flanges The Same?

Yes, all RV toilet flanges that have been made for standard RV toilets will be the same, with even regular toilets only having two distinct sizes. If you have a flange that looks oversized, it is meant to allow the pipes to properly rest on the rubber, with most smaller flanges only used in small RVs.

The standard sizes are 3-inches and 4-inches, allowing you to see which flanges will work with your toilet quickly. Many people mistakenly think that each toilet has its flange size and then try to use silicone to replace the flange.

However, the flange is meant to do more than stop water and assists in the total control that the pipes have over airflow. Permanent solutions usually cause the toilet to leak, as the vibrations from the moving RV break the seals that have been made.

How Do You Know What Model RV Toilet You Have?

We have also have and article called Best 7 Camper And RV Toilets that you can check out if your interested in a full toilet replacement!

Usually, the toilet’s model number and manufacturer name will be inside and under the toilet itself, with many brands proudly displaying their name somewhere as well. However, it should be noted that as the chemicals used to clean toilets are vital, the name may fade over time.

Many toilet manufacturers have found that engraving the model number works better, doing so in a spot close to the valve assembly. This allows you to look near the valve location and instantly see the toilet’s model, finding the right parts in a few clicks.

We recommend keeping some of the documentation for the toilet in a box with all the other documentation for the parts of your RV. When you buy a new RV with a toilet already installed, you can usually find the toilet brand and model number in the official documentation for the RV.

Do All RV Toilets Have The Same Fit?

Yes, all normal-sized RV toilets have the exact fit, working with the same types of pipes and other equipment. This allows RV manufacturers to quickly run through the same lines and equipment, preventing the RV build from getting so complicated.

No RV manufacturer wants to run five different types of pipes to the bathroom, which means that toilet manufacturers have made everything as uniform as possible. This has meant that the toilets all have similar sizes in each class while all use the same pipes for water and waste.

Further, if you have an RV with the space for a standard toilet, you won’t have to worry about the total fit. Your RV toilet is meant to make it easier to do some things, while the location you are camping in should have a toilet area where you can quickly and comfortably go about your regular ablutions.


The best RV toilet repair valve kit is the Thetford aqua-magic v high and low models compatible repair kit. It is affordable and allows you to quickly and comfortably repair most RV toilets without the stress that something might not fit entirely.

We have linked each kit and replacement kit to Amazon, making it as easy as possible to purchase enough extra for your RV trips around your state, country, or across into others!

Good luck, and happy camping!

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