Best 9 RV Door Latch Options (Including Wireless Options)

Best 9 RV Door Latch Options

I tested 9 different RV door latches and found the XYZ Product to be the best overall door latch for security and value.

Over my more than a decade of camping experience, I have found that the standard door latches on most RVs are not very durable and certainly not very secure. The factory locks on most RVs tend to be very basic and not very sturdy, which prompts many RV owners to seek out better door latch alternatives.

I took a look at 9 different options that will offer better features than the original locks on your RV, allowing you to lock up your RV and go out for the day with confidence that your belongings and your RV will be safe and secure!

  1. LATCH.IT RV Keyless Door Latch – Best overall
  2. LATCH.IT Chrome RV Door Latch – Best for durability
  3. Carmtek RV Keyless Entry Door Latch – Best wireless
  4. WELLUCK RV Entry Door Lock – Best for security
  5. AP Products 013-509 Electric RV Latch – Best for simplicity
  6. RVLock Compact Keyless Entry RV Latch – Best for full glass door
  7. WATERWICH RV Keyless Entry Door Latch – Best for design
  8. LATCH.IT 2 Keyed Alike RV Door Latch – Best for 2-door RVs
  9. LATCH.IT Black RV Door Latch – Best for budget buying

My selection of Latch 1 as the top product is because it offers the best overall features, making it a good choice across all the categories of quality, durability. Security and good value.

Read through our choice of the top 9 RV latches to find the option that suits your needs and which you can fit to your RV with confidence.

1. RV Keyless Door Latch – Best Overall

Rv Keyless Entry Door Lock | 2021 RV Lock Keyless Entry | 100% Metal Rv Door Lock w/ 2 Fobs and Backlit Keypad | Protective Gasket, Screwdriver & 2 Keys | Will Only Fit 2.75

The RV Keyless Door Lock from Latch. It ticked all the right RV security and convenience boxes for me, which is why I recommend this product as the best overall RV door latch and lock.

The features I like about this product include the following.

  • All-metal construction. The all-metal construction increases the product’s durability and the security the lock provides.
  • Waterproof construction. The lock is rated at IP67, which means it is waterproof and dirt and dustproof. This feature speaks to the durability of the lock, its reliability, and its level of security. The latch is built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors without weakening and compromising security.
  • All the keys are unique. If your neighbor buys the same latch for their RV, their keys will not work in your RV latch.
  • Easy to install. The latch comes ready to install, and as long as you check your dimensions properly, it will only take 10-minutes to install. The latch comes with mounting hardware and a screwdriver for the fitment.
  • An American-owned company. The company is American-owned and located in the USA, making replacement and warranty issues easier to remedy. is a company that specializes in RV and camping products, so they not only produce great quality latches but a whole range of products in this niche. The latches, in particular, have a lifetime warranty, showing the confidence the company has in their product.

The only downside is that this latch will not fit all RVs, so you need to make sure your RV door latch opening measures 3.75-inches tall, 2.75-inches wide, and 1.5-inches deep.

  • Durability
  • Accessibility to customer service and parts
  • Easy installation
  • The price – this unit is expensive, but the quality makes it worth the price.
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2. LATCH.IT Chrome RV Door Latch – Best For Durability

LATCH.IT Chrome RV Door Latch | RV Door Locks for Travel Trailers | Travel Trailer Door Latch | 100% Metal Camper Door Lock w/ 4 Camper Keys | Trailer Door Lock is Easy-to-Install & Fits Most!

The LATCH.IT company has a few products on our list, but this is for a good reason! These RV door latches are durable and of high quality, making them stand out significantly from other products on the market.

Many other latch manufacturers who claim that their latches are durable and made from metal only have the outside part of the latch made from metal. The inside latch is often still manufactured from plastic products.

Where this Chrome RV Door Latch from LATCH.IT is different, is that it is made from metal on the outer side and the inner side of the latch. This particular model is a chrome-plated metal construction latch that comes with a lifetime warranty.

The mechanism for the lock is mechanical only, the keys are unique, and the chrome finish offers superior durability and good looks!

  • Durability – the all-metal design gives this door latch style and longevity!
  • Installs in 10-minutes
  • Accessibility to customer service and parts
  • The price. For an all-metal construction, this door latch is well priced
  • No digital keypad or remote control access.
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3. Carmtek RV Keyless Entry Door Latch – Best For Wireless

Carmtek - RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle | RV Door Lock with Deadbolt, Keypad and Fob | Keyless RV Door Handle for Travel Trailer Camper, Made of Zinc Alloy (Back/Front)

When you are out camping or vacationing, the last thing you want to do is carry a bunch of keys around with you, which is what makes this RV latch a great wireless choice.

The Carmtek RV Keyless Entry Door Latch offers 3 securing access and securing methods for your RV or camper. You can use the keys, the wireless fob, or the digital keypad in this latch, giving flexibility and choice for securing your RV doors.

Two wireless remote fobs come with the latch. The fobs have 4 buttons that allow them to be programmed to open 2 separate latches. The remote fobs have a range of up to 80-feet.

This latch will only fit openings in the door that measure 3.75-inches by 2.75 inches and 1.5-inches deep. Always check your RV latch measurements before ordering a new latch.

  • Remote access with 2x wireless key fobs and digital keypad access
  • Flexibility – key fobs can be programmed to open two different door latches, so if your RV has two doors, you can access both doors with one fob.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The price
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4. WELLUCK RV Entry Door Lock – Best For Security

WELLUCK RV Entry Door Lock with Paddle Deadbolt, 100% Metal Camper Door Latch Handle, Zinc Alloy RV Door Lock Replacement Kit Secure for Camper Horse Travel Trailer Cargo Hauler, Black, Not Key Alike

Security for your RV is one of the main reasons for installing a good quality RV door latch instead of the standard factory lath that comes with your RV.

The WELLUCK RV Entry Door Lock is one of my favorites in the security department because it features a deadbolt mechanism and a tamper-proof lock cylinder.

The all-metal construction means that people with bad intentions will have difficulty using a prybar or a hammer to break into your RV. The latch is waterproof and dustproof, adding to the durability of the latch and the reliability of the lock mechanism.

The latch comes with 4 keys unique to the lock, adding that extra level of security to an already secure locking mechanism.

  • Good security with a strong locking mechanism and deadbolt
  • All metal construction
  • 4 keys are provided with each door latch
  • Universal fit – this door latch fits several hole cutout sizes
  • For use on doors with righthand hinges only
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5. AP Products 013-509 Electric RV Latch – Best For Simplicity

AP Products 013-509 Electric Travel Trailer Lock

If you are looking for a no-mess-no-fuss RV latch, then our choice for the best RV latch for simplicity is a unit you can consider for installation in your RV.

This AP Products RV latch features a deadbolt locking mechanism as well as key and keypad access. There is no fob to worry about carrying around or losing, and the programmable 4-digit code for the keypad will give you a keyless entry.

The keypad lights up at night when a proximity sensor recognizes your presence near the door, making the keypad easy to find and operate.

The latch is low-profile on the inside to prevent interference with an internal screen door. The key will operate the deadbolt and the handle and allow unlocking the latch if you forget the code or the batteries in the latch go flat.

  • Simple operation and installation
  • Access with keys or digital keypad
  • The price is high for a basic option.
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6. RVLock Compact Keyless Entry RV Latch– Best For Full Glass Door

RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad, RV/5th Wheel Lock Accessories

Not all RV latches will fit a full glass RV door, and it is often difficult to find a latch to fit these doors with all the advanced features of normal RV door latches and locks.

The RVLock Compact Keyless RV Latch is specifically designed for a full glass RV door but doesn’t compromise quality and security features.

This latch has wireless fob control, keypad access, and key access. Including keyless handle access. The body of the latch is made from durable steel alloy, giving durability and security to the product. Up to 10 fobs can be programmed to access the lock, giving options to have everyone in the family access via a fob.

  • The best option for a full glass door
  • Up to 10 fobs can be programmed to open the latch
  • Batteries are included
  • If you order multiple latches, they can be keyed alike
  • Not as robust as other all-metal construction latches
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7. WATERWICH RV Keyless Entry Door Latch – Best For Design

WATERWICH RV Keyless Entry Door Lock Handle Latch Zinc Alloy Wireless with Keypad & Fob 20m Remote Control for Caravan Camper Bus Yacht Ferry Truck (Blue with Keypad)

Many RV accessory companies stick with the standard colors and design features, limiting RV owners from making their RV look slightly different from others. If the idea of customizing your RV appeals to you and you want to brighten up your camping experience, then these latches will certainly catch your eye!

The WATERWICH RV Keyless Entry Door Latch gets top marks for design in a good quality RV door latch. If you don’t want to stick with the standard black or chrome models, then you should consider this WATERWICH latch.

This particular model comes in blue, and it features wireless access with a fob, a keypad entry, or key access. Many wireless latch models only offer wireless deadbolt activation, but this model also offers key-less handle operation.

Not only does this latch get our design approval, but it is also a top-quality lock that is rated to work from -22-Fahrenheit to 140-Fahrenheit, giving you problem-free security no matter the weather.

If a blue latch does not appeal to your taste, you can take a look at the WATERWICH pink RV latch that may suit your color preference better!

  • The latch won’t freeze in cold weather
  • Well-priced
  • Available in different colors
  • Additional remotes with the latch would be nice
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8. LATCH.IT 2 Keyed Alike RV Door Latch – Best For 2-Door RVs

LATCH.IT 2 Keyed Alike RV Door Locks | 2021 Version | 100% Metal Keyless Entry RV Lock w/ 2 Fobs and Backlit Keypad | Includes Gasket, Screwdriver & 2 Keys | Will Only Fit 2.75

Some larger RVs have dual door access, which is exactly the circumstance that this product is designed for. Having 2 doors with different key designs can be problematic and have you scratching around your bunch of keys to find the right key for the right door!

The LATCH.IT 2 Keyed Alike RV Door Latch offers 2 latches that have the same key design. This means that all the keys in the set will work on both latches. You can also program the fobs to work on both doors and program the keypad to accept the same code, which makes it convenient and easy to open or secure both doors on your RV.

Of course, you have the choice, and you can program the fobs separately and give the latches different codes, but the point is that you have the flexibility and the choice to go either way.

This latch set comes built to the same high-quality standards that are characteristic of all LATCH.IT products, including all-metal construction and deadbolt locking mechanism.

  • Durability – all-metal construction
  • Both door latches are keyed alike
  • Gasket included for a seamless fit.
  • The price. Latch.IT locks are expensive, but they are top quality!
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9. LATCH.IT Black RV Door Latch – Best For Budget Buying

LATCH.IT Black RV Door Latch | RV Door Locks for Travel Trailers | Travel Trailer Door Latch | 100% Metal Camper Door Lock w/ 4 Camper Keys | Trailer Door Lock - Easy-to-Install & Fits Most!

This latch is another offering from the LATCH.IT company, but it is mechanical only, without the wireless features offered on some of the other products.

The latch is robust because it is made of all-metal construction rather than plastic material that weathers and degrades in the harsh outdoors. The latch is weatherproof with a rating of IP67, which also protects the latch from dust and dirt.

The keys for these latches are all unique, giving you peace of mind that you not only have a quality product but a secure lock.

This LATCH.IT Black RV Door Latch gets our vote for the best budget buy because it is a quality RV latch sold at a very reasonable price.

The only aspects to consider regarding this product is that it is not designed to fit class A or class C RVs and it is designed to fit a latch opening of 3.75-inches tall, 2.75-inches wide, and 1.5-inches deep.

  • Price – good value for money at the price
  • Durability
  • Easy installation
  • Key only access
  • Fits right-side hinge doors only
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Why Should You Replace your Standard RV Door Latch?

Most RV manufacturers install standard, mass-produced latches for the RV doors. This form of manufacturing is cheap but not very secure.

Most factory-fitted RV latches are made from plastic materials that do not hold up well to the extended sun and weather exposure and become brittle and crack over time. The plastic material is also not very good from a security point of view, making it relatively for a would-be thief to jimmy or damage these latches to get them open.

The keys made for these standard latches are also not unique, which increases the chance of someone with the same make and model RV having a key that will unlock your RV doors. Most Standard RV door latches will only give you one access method, that being the not-so-secure key!

The only way to get around these design flaws and lack of security and quality is to install an aftermarket door latch manufactured to a higher standard.

What To Look For In An RV Door Latch

Replacing the standard latches on your RV doors should be a high priority, but what features should you look for when you do your research into a better product.

  • Size matters. Not all RV doors have the same size opening for the installation of the latch. Before you order your new door latch, it is vital to know the dimensions of the space in the door for the latch. Ordering the wrong size will lead to frustration, and some manufacturers will not accept a return for the wrong size ordered.
  • Waterproof and dustproof. RVs can be exposed to the elements such as harsh sunlight, coastal air, dusty and dirty conditions, and rain and snow. The latch on your RV door needs to be durable and robust enough to withstand the elements. A latch with a waterproof rating of at least an IP65 or IP67 will guarantee a product that can withstand the rigors of camping life.
  • Deadbolt locking mechanism. A deadbolt gives better security than the factory-fitted RV latches, which often do not have this type of locking mechanism. A good deadbolt should be constructed of heavy-duty metal and extend further into the frame of the door. It also needs a corresponding faceplate on the frame to enhance the frame’s strength where the deadbolt slides in.
  • Durability. The best way to get a durably latch for your RV is to look for a model that has an all-metal construction. The latches made in this way are more robust against break-ins as well as from environmental damage. Many of the all-metal latches will come with longer warranty durations than latches made from other materials.
  • RV latch price. As with most products, if you pay a lower price, you get a cheaper product. The product you choose for your RV door latch should be the best you can get for your budget, but be aware, the quality and features are generally price-appropriate.

Electronic Vs. Manual RV Door Latches

There is an application for both manual and electronic RV door latches, and the choice will come down to your personal preference.

Most electronic RV latches have the same manual features as the non-electronic version, but the electronics are simply an added convenience.

Electronic latches generally will have up to 3 access methods, including a manual key, an electronic, wireless fob, and a digital keypad to enter a multi-numeral code. This provides some flexibility for keyless operation, which has benefits in many camping or vacationing circumstances.

The downside of electronic operation is the additional complexity of batteries being added to the mix. Batteries can go flat over time, especially if the RV will be standing for a long time. This will require the removal of the batteries for storage, reinstalling batteries, and reprogramming the codes and fobs when you want to use the RV again.

This added maintenance is not worth the convenience for some people, and they prefer a simple key-only latch.

Personally, I like the option of at least having a keypad that gives some level of keyless operation. The price of a few minutes of extra preparation before the trip is not a high price to pay for the convenience.


Changing the factory-fitted latch on your RV should be a given, but making the right choice for an alternative can be difficult with the range of products available.

Our selection of the best 9 RV latch options and our proposal for the Latch.It RV Keyless Door Latch as the best overall latch will hopefully guide you on what to look for in these products and some examples of quality products available.

Don’t compromise on security with your RV and run the risk of your vacation being marred by the unpleasant experience of a break-in! Replace your factory-fitted RV latch with the Latch.It RV Keyless Door Latch!

Good luck, and happy camping!

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