Best 9 RV And Camper Coffee Makers

Best 9 RV And Camper Coffee Makers

I tested 9 different products and determined that the CHULUX Single Serve model was the best coffee maker for RVs and campers.

Coffee is an important part of my life even when I’m not on the road, but since I also love camping, having the right equipment for the RV is essential.

Like most of you, I’ve had my fair share of weakly brewed cups, mostly thanks to inferior coffee makers. With the products I’ve chosen for this list, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

  1. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker -Best Overall
  2. Cafe du Chateau French Press -Best For Small Campers
  3. Farberware Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator -Best For The Campfire
  4. Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator -Best For Designer Beans
  5. Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet Automatic Brew & Drip -Best Value
  6. Gourmia Single-Serve Manual French Press -Best For Busy Mornings
  7. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way -Best Versatility
  8. Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker -Best For Truck Campers
  9. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker -Best Heat Retention

The CHULUX Single Serve model vaulted to the top of the list right away, but I kept an open mind right until the end, just in case one of the others managed to supplant it. Although none of them did, they were all decent units in their own right, which is why I’ve included them all in this list.

The CHULUX is user-friendly and easy to move from place to place. It performed reliably even after long periods of disuse, which is a huge plus if you don’t go RVing very often. It was also very affordable–a quality that everyone should be on board with.

Let’s take a closer look at these units to determine which one might be the best pick for you.

Best 9 RV And Camper Coffee Makers

Our Top Pick

1. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker-Best Overall

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for Single Cup Capsule with 12 Ounce Reservoir,Black

With its one-touch operation, 3 to 5 minute brewing time, and portable design, the CHULUX delivers on just about every level. The removable drip tray can accommodate larger travel-sized mugs, and makes cleanup easier to boot.

Our only quibble is with its longevity. This unit needs to be replaced every year or so, depending on how often you use it. Fortunately, it’s also affordable enough to fit this expense into your annual RV budget.

Here’s a video demonstration of the CHULUX model in action.

  • Operates quickly and efficiently
  • User-friendly
  • Affordable price point
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Not the most durable product
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2. Cafe du Chateau French Press-Best For Small Campers

Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker - Heat Resistant Borosilicate Stainless Steel Coffee Press with 4 Level Filter - Brew Coffee and Tea - Large 34 Oz Glass Carafe Coffee Presser

The slim, elegant design of this French press allows it to fit unobtrusively on the countertop of your camper or RV. In addition to its space-saving capabilities, it requires neither electricity nor a filter, both of which should come in handy for minimalist campers.

This unit does require a bit more work than the others, and you’ll have to heat the water separately. If you can deal with that, this is a nice little coffee maker.

  • Small and portable
  • No electricity required
  • Yields 8 cups per batch
  • Operation requires slight manual labor
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3. Farberware Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator–Best For The Campfire

Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator - 8 Cup, Silver

Boondockers–and anyone who prefers cowboy-style joe–should find plenty to love about the Yosemite model from Farberware. Just heat the water over your stovetop, an LP gas burner, or even the campfire, and you’ll have 8 to 12 cups of great coffee in no time (depending on which size unit you select).

The stainless steel pot will keep your brew hot longer than a French press would, but it still produces no waste. Note that the process requires more care and attention than you might care to provide, especially early in the morning. Also, some customers reported shipping issues.

  • Available in 8- or 12-cup sizes
  • Can be used over the campfire
  • Good heat retention for this type of unit
  • Some shipping issues reported
  • No push-button operation
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4. Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator-Best For Designer Beans

COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot – Coffee Percolator – Percolator Coffee Pot for Campfire or Stove Top Coffee Making – 9 CUP

This percolator produced some of the best-tasting java we tasted during these tests. That makes it ideal when you have specialty beans to work with. It can also make 9 cups at once, so there should be plenty to go around.

Although the Bozeman uses the drip method, it doesn’t need any filters, which means less waste. Be forewarned, however, that it does seem to have some issues with leakage.


  • Attractive design
  • Campfire-ready
  • Can brew 9 cups at a time
  • Yields delicious results
  • Pot is prone to leaking
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5. Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet Automatic Brew & Drip-Best Value

Maxi-Matic Elite Gourmet Automatic Brew & Drip Coffee Maker with Pause N Serve Reusable Filter, On/Off Switch, Water Level Indicator, 5 Cup Capacity, Black

This is a cute and extremely affordable little unit, with a 5-cup capacity and a user-friendly design. The power indicator light is clearly visible, even from across the room, and it offers a convenient “Pause and Serve” function.

If you want a smaller version of the drip model you have at home, this could be just the ticket. Be aware that the construction isn’t the most durable you’ll find, but at this price, replacements shouldn’t be much of an issue.

  • Low price point
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer service
  • Plastic construction is on the flimsy side
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6. Gourmia Single-Serve Manual French Press-Best For Busy Mornings

Gourmia GKCP135 Manual Coffee Brewer - Single Serve Manual Hand French Press Coffee Maker - No Electricity - Brew Coffee Anywhere - Green

If you’re a minimalist who’s the only java drinker on the camping expedition, try the Gourmia Single-Serve Manual French press. It extracts a fantastic-tasting cup, and you don’t even have to plug it in. Best of all, it features dishwasher-safe parts, so it comes in just as handy at home as it does on the road.

The 3-cup limit might be an issue for larger groups, and the price point is slightly out of line with the capacity. But for singles or couples, this is a good option.

  • No electricity required
  • Simple design
  • Parts are dishwasher safe
  • Low capacity
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7. Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way-Best Versatility

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker & Full 12c Pot, Compatible with K-Cup Pods or Grounds, Combo, Black

This is a great choice for high rollers who travel with coffee in multiple forms. You can use it to brew grounds, pods, or K-cups. The pot has a 12-cup capacity, which is good news for large groups, and you can brew the coffee directly into a tall travel cup.

When you brew a full pot, it should stay warm for up to 2 hours. This means no more microwaving the leftovers. You can even customize the brewing strength to get a perfect pot every time. The only reason we haven’t chosen this as best overall is because it’s too pricey to fit some camper’s budgets.

  • Versatile unit offers multiple brewing options
  • Ability to customize brew strength
  • Great heat retention
  • Generous capacity
  • Very expensive
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8. Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker-Best For Truck Campers

Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffee Maker

If you have a truck camper, the Coleman QuikPot is a discerning choice. It’s even suitable for tailgating events, in addition to camping. All you need is access to a propane tank, and you can have up to 10 cups of coffee ready in a single brewing cycle.

The unit is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for campers who like to stray from the beaten path. Unfortunately, in addition to being expensive, it also has some leaking issues.

  • Portable
  • Generous brewing capacity
  • Durable materials
  • High price point
  • Carafe may leak during use
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9. Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker-Best Heat Retention

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless-Steel Carafe, Black

The best thing about the Cuisinart DCC-450BK is the stainless steel carafe, which comes equipped with both a knuckle guard and a dripless spout for easy pouring. Though it has a capacity of just 4 cups, it holds it heat superbly.

The brew-pause feature allows you to enjoy your first cup before the pot has finished brewing, which also aids in the heat-retentive qualities. Just take care to push the top down as far as it will go before brewing, or the water will spill over.

  • Brew-pause feature and stainless steel carafe provide great heat retention
  • Thoughtful design
  • Produces good-tasting results
  • Can be tricky to assemble
  • Only lasts about 1 year
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Buying Guide

Important Factors To Consider

Before you decide which RV coffee maker is right for you, remember to take the following issues into account.


It’s amazing how pricey an RV coffee maker can be, especially when they’re designed for secondary use (at least in most cases). Fortunately, there are plenty of budget options available for those of us who just want a decent cup of joe to start our day.

That said, the expensive models usually last longer than their cheaper counterparts. They may also produce superior results, which is something that die-hard caffeine junkies should certainly appreciate. Our advice would be to buy the best unit you can afford.


Pay close attention to the materials used in the unit’s construction, as well as the customer reviews for the RV coffee maker. Plastic is inexpensive and lightweight, but it might contribute to leakage issues. Poorly constructed models also require frequent replacement, which can be both costly and annoying.

Stainless steel carafes provide better heat retention than glass, while dishwasher-safe parts make the unit easier to clean. Of course, not all of us are fortunate enough to have dishwashers in our RVs, so read the customer responses to find out if other users had any issues with cleanup.

Ease of Use

The last thing most of us want is to spend our mornings staring blearily at a complicated set of knobs and buttons, trying to decide how to produce a cup of joe. The simpler the design, the faster you’ll get that all-important hit of caffeine.

Look for an RV coffee maker with an interface that’s easy to understand, and scour the customer reviews to find out if it’s as user-friendly as the manufacturers claim. No company will tell you that their product is difficult to use–you should rely instead on the testimony of people who have actually used the device.


If you’re taking and RV coffee maker along on a camping trip, there’s a good chance you can’t function without coffee. You don’t want to spend money on a product that will produce an inferior cup. This is especially important if you’ve also invested in high-end beans.


While there are plenty of plus-sized RVs out there, the majority of us have to worry about counter space. Even some larger campers will sacrifice kitchen space for larger living areas, which is fine unless you’re looking for a place to plug in your RV coffee maker.

When you decide in advance how much counter space you can dedicate to the unit, it should be that much easier to make a decision. If this is a major concern for you, try to find a model that fits beneath the cabinets.

Understanding The Various Types

What kind of unit should you buy? Even narrowing it down to the machines that are suitable for RVs, you have options. Let’s take a look at them.

Single Serve

These units use the drip method to produce a single cup for every brewing cycle. While they’re quick, convenient, and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on measurements, they’re also pricey for their size.


To use one of these models, you pour water over the grounds, and the resulting brew is delivered into your mug. The French press is a prime example of a pour-over unit. The process is fast and efficient, but the flavors can be uneven.


A good fit for shoppers on a budget, the percolator is the forerunner to the drip coffee maker. It uses the laws of gravity to produce a fine-tasting cup of java, and you can choose between an electric unit and one that requires no electricity.

Drip Units

When these were introduced in the 1970s, they rose quickly in popularity to become the most popular coffee-making units. Because they solve the problem of overextracting, which is common with percolators, they’re still some of the most sought-after products on the market. Note that they’re usually powered by electricity, which could be an issue for those of you who like to rough it.


These are some of the most space-saving models you’ll find, as they can be installed directly beneath the cabinets in your camper. There aren’t a ton of options available, and most of them are fairly basic. Still, if you can find one that suits your needs, you won’t need to make extra space on your kitchen counter to accommodate it.

A Word Against 12-Volt Units

If you see a 12-volt coffee maker that’s advertised for use on boats and RVs, avoid it. Although the manufacturers claim that they’re suitable for your camper, they have poor efficiency in terms of power. To put it simply, they aren’t capable of generating enough energy to heat the water properly, which results in a weak and muddy brew.

In Conclusion

The CHULUX Single Serve unit is the winner of our roundup for reasons that should be clear now that you know what to look for. It’s fast, efficient, and portable, and the resulting brew is superior to most of the other products we tried. It’s also affordable enough to make up for the fact that it doesn’t last as long as some of the competition.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

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