7 Great RV TV Mounts For Securing Your Campers TV

We have researched on your behalf and compiled a list of the best RV TV mounts as a guide to assist you in matching your RV TV and TV mount. You have taken much care to match the new TV with your RV; now, equally as necessary is to pair the TV with the perfect TV mount.

Buying the correct RV TV mount will ensure longevity and many hours of RV TV entertainment. Additionally, we created a detailed buying guide, but before scrolling down, consider the three guidelines below to assist in your decision:

  • TV Mount Size: The TV mount needs to carry the TV weight with ease and also match the size
  • TV and Mount Weight: Do not exceed the combined weight that the camper panel can hold
  • Mount Adjustability: Consider the limited space In the RV and the adjustability of the TV mount

1. Mounting Dream MD2212 Lockable RV TV Mount -Best Overall

2. Mount-It! MI-431 Lockable Full Motion -Runner Up

3. Master Mounts 2322L-2 Travel RV Portable TV Mount -Best For larger TVs

4. ErGO-INNOVATE ‎EI6122 RV Lockable TV Wall Mount -Best Heavy-Duty Option

5. WALI 1343LK RV TV Mount, Lockable TV Wall Mount -Best For Additional Tilt Variants

6. Master Mounts 2311L Locking RV TV Wall Mount -Best For Standard TV Mount Requirements

7. Mount-It! MI-6524 Small RV TV Wall Mount -Best For RVs Where Space Is Limited

We have found the Mounting Dream MD2212 Lockable RV TV Mount the best overall in this group as it should appeal to most people’s needs. The main feature distinguishing it from the other products is the superior versatility to TV and camper compatibilities. Although it is not the most expensive product in the group, we found the extra and extended features gave it that edge to walk away with the honors.

All products adhere to most essential requirements, but this product topped the others on specific key versatility points.

The Best 7 RV TV Mounts For Securing Your Campers TV

1. Mounting Dream MD2212 Lockable RV TV Mount -Best Overall

Mounting Dream Lockable RV TV Mount for Most 13-43 inch TV, RV Mount for Camper Trailer Motor Home, Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket Quick Release with Dual Wall Plates, VESA 200x200, 22 lbs, MD2212

If versatility is a requirement, this product will fall right into your scope. For example, as an owner of an older RV model, you may be concerned with weight limitations; therefore, the ability to mount smaller TVs from 13 inches due to its VESA hole pattern compatibilities will suit you perfectly.

It is compatible with a range of TVs and TV DVD combos to the giant 43-inch TV. In addition, this RV mount fits most RVs, campers, and mobile homes. However, one requirement is that the mounting panel board should be thicker than ½ inch.

A welcoming feature is that it comes with double-wall plates, and the removable TV bracket can be detached and mounted in another location, making it ideal to use indoors and outdoors. In addition, the lockable TV mount can retract to 3.1 inches, perfect when space is a factor.

  • It fits most 13”-43” flat screen or curved TVs and combos
  • For RV, camper, trailer, mobile home, truck, and boat
  • Lockable TV Mount
  • Detachable from one location and mounted on another, indoor or outdoor
  • VESA/mounting hole patterns of 3”x3” to 8”x8”
  • Retracts to 3.1” when space is limited
  • Max 22lbs TVs
  • RVs with wooden board ≥ 1/2 inch thick
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2. Mount-It! MI-431 Lockable Full Motion RV TV Wall Mount TV Bracket -Runner Up

Mount-It! Lockable RV TV Wall Mount with Quick Release, Full Motion Flat Screen Bracket for Campers, Travel Trailers, RVs, Motorhomes and Marine Boats, Fits Most 23-43

The Mount-It! MI-431 is best for motion and environment travel where you need to minimize vibration.

This lockable full-motion mount did very well in our investigation, thus making it very difficult to position the products numerically. However, we liked the anti-vibration and the removable VESA plate features that add to convenience and safety.

To minimize the vibration is done by stopping pins and an anti-vibration spring lock from keeping your TV safe and stowed away while in motion. Then, pull down on the quick release loop and extend the cantilever arm when you are ready. Furthermore, the detachable VESA head bracket makes it easy to remove the entire TV for long-term storage.

Another positive feature is the 77lbs weight compatibility. However, some RVs’ design is not compatible with heavy mountable loads, and there will be no benefit in those cases. The tilt, swivel, extend and retract features ensure almost any viewing angle.

  • Supports up to 77lbs
  • The Wall bracket has an anti-vibration spring lock
  • Cantilever lockable arm
  • Can tilt, swivel, extend, and retract
  • Quick-release loop
  • Detachable Vesa bracket
  • VESA compatible 3”x3” up to 8”x8”
  • Not smaller than 23 inch TVs
  • 77 lbs may be too heavy for older RV models
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3. Master Mounts 2322L-2 Travel RV Portable TV Mount -Best For larger TVs

Master Mounts 2322L-2 Portable Travel RV TV Mount Locking Articulating Arm Allows 1 TV to be Used in 2 Locations, Keeps TV Secure in Moving Vehicles up to 50

The Master Mounts 2322L-2 is best for mounting larger TVs than 43 inches.

In this group of eight, this RV TV mount has two features: portability and max TV size. In addition, this product is the only one in our chosen top eight that caters to TVs up to 50 inches.

The two wall brackets and an easy pull chain lock-and-release mechanism allow you to port between two locations inside the camper to the garage. In addition, we found the tilting angles and overall rotational benefits to be excellent.

  • Easy detachable to be used inside RV and outside
  • Compatible with 50 inch TVs
  • Fits VESA 3”x3” up to 8”x8”
  • Portable full-motion locking TV mount
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • Total TV mount and TV weight
  • It may not be suitable for earlier RV models
  • Most expensive
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4. ErGO-INNOVATE ‎EI6122 RV Lockable TV Wall Mount -Best Heavy-Duty Option

RV Lockable TV Wall Mount for Camper Full Motion Trailer Bracket with Articulating Arms for 23-43 Inch Flat Curved Screens up to 77 lbs VESA 200x200mm on Motor Home Truck Marine Boat

The Ergo-Innovate EI6122 is best for the heavy-duty options where the newer and modern RVs can accommodate more weight and rugged motions.

We liked two of the critical features of this product: the anti-bumping locking mechanism and the heavy-duty design resulting in it ending as one of our top four results. In addition, the tilt and swivel variances were reasonable and commendable.

The anti-bumping lock will keep your TV in place while traveling down rough or back roads. In addition, the plate is fitted with a rubber mat to reduce noise vibration and rattle, thus creating a quieter and smoother ride.

The heavy-duty design includes high-quality steel material and a locking mechanism ensuring heavier weight compatibility keeping the TV secure while in transit.

  • Anti-Bumping Locking Mechanism
  • Fits 23-43 inch flat or curved screens up to 77lbs
  • VESA patterns from 3”x3” up to 8”x8”
  • Retract to 2.4 inches
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Not for small TVs
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5. WALI 1343LK-RV TV Mount, Lockable TV Wall Mount -Best For Additional Tilt Variants

RV TV Mount, Lockable TV Wall Mount for Camper Trailer Motor Home, Full Motion Anti-Vibration Arm for 13-43 inch LED, LCD Flat Screens and Monitors, up to 33lbs (1343LK) by WALI

The WALI RV TV mount is best when more weight compatibility and additional tilt variants are required.

This RV TV mount is ideal for meeting one or two additional requirements, such as weight and tilt angle. However, sometimes your product choice is almost perfectly matched but lacks some areas leaving you to accept certain shortcomings.

We were amazed by the tilt options of +55°and -45° degrees making your viewing angles more flexible and adaptable. This product is for you when the emphasis is on tilt and weight, yet affordable and easy to install.

A big plus is the 33lbs weight limitation that would easily cater to the average 43-inch TV and its VESA compatibility range. So this is ideally an option if you require a bit more weight and the other choices cater for less.

Additionally, the locking mechanism is designed to limit arm-shaking and reduces noise while in motion, but unfortunately, we did not like the knob feature on the locking mechanism. A chain or strap release method would have been better.

  • Price is a concern
  • 33lbs including flat screens
  • Adjustable arm with stepped joint
  • Lockable
  • Vibration and noise reduction
  • Retraction for space-saving
  • Max 43 inch TVs
  • Knob release locking
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6. Master Mounts 2311L Locking RV TV Mount -Best For Standard TV Mount Requirements

Master Mounts 2311L Locking RV TV Mount Lockable Full Motion TV Wall Mount Easy to Reach Chain Release Perfect for RVs Campers Trucks Mobile Homes, Articulates Swivels Tilts, Fits up to 42

The Master Mounts 2311L is best suited for standard TV mount requirements without any additional enhanced features.

Sometimes the standard is best as too many enhanced features may contradict the original requirements, such as longevity and sturdiness. Nevertheless, standard means it has regular mount tilt and arm features, yet included are some excellent additions that impressed us.

We liked the chain option used in the lock and release feature as it is a welcome step-up to the original knob mechanisms in older models. Additionally, the arm locks in place when pushed against the wall making it secure while the vehicle is in motion.

No bracket is required as it mounts directly on the wall. Optionally, purchase an additional mount where the wall-mounted piece is to be fixed in another location, giving it a portability feature. However, we did not like that only two VESA hole sizes of 3”x3,” and 4“x4” apply.

  • 33lbs and up to 42-inch TVs
  • Lockable and full-motion
  • No bracket required
  • Chain lock and release
  • Locks, when not in use
  • VESA of 3”x3” and 4”x4” only
  • Price
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7. Mount-It! MI-6524 Small RV TV Wall Mount -Best For RVs Where Space Is Limited

Mount-It! Small TV Monitor Wall Mount | RV TV Mount | Quick Release | Fits 13 15 17 19 20 21.5 24 25 27 32 Inch Screens | 75 100 VESA Compatible | Low-Profile Slim Design | 30lb Capacity

The Mount-It! A small-RV TV mount is best for RVs where space is limited and your TV size is not more than 32 inches.

Appearance can be deceiving. This low-profile RV mount has a slim look yet has a few excellent features that we appreciated at this price. This product will be most suitable when space-constrained but still require additional functionalities.

Some features worth mentioning are the quick release function allowing the removal of the mount from the bracket in a few seconds, and the tilt degree options giving you the ability to tilt up or down. Although this mount has the most minor extended features, it is practical and should appeal to buyers that only want an affordable TV mount for their RV TV.

  • Price
  • Low profile slim design
  • 1.75-inch wall gap
  • 30lbs weight carry
  • Quick-release function
  • Max 32-inch TVs
  • No extension arm
  • VESA of 3”x3” and 4”x4” only
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What Is A RV TV Mount?

Imagining a camper without some entertainment is rare. One such form of entertainment is TV. However, not adequately securing the TV, with a proper matching TV mount, in a moving entity can easily cause damage. Additionally, the variety of RVs and Campers on our roads is as varied as the different TV mounts available; thus, matching the product with the need is most important.

Like wall-mounted brackets in your home, the RV-Tv mount aims to secure your TV within an RV but with some significant differences. The most obvious and important difference is that the wall in your home and an RV are vastly different. 

What To Consider When Buying an RV TV Mount

There are specific matching guidelines to follow in your decision-making process to ensure your camper, the TV, and the TV mount are fit for purpose.  

  • RV wall structure: This is most important as it will determine if your TV weight will be too heavy for the wall.
  • RV TV Space: The envisaged space required for your TV in the RV.
  • TV size: The size and weight of your TV or monitor to be mounted.
  • VESA Compatibility: The mounting holes at the back of your TV should match the TV mount VESA standards.
  • TV Mount Features: Your preference for TV mount features such as tilt and extension.

Rv TV-Mount Components and Features

There are a variety of RV TV mounts on the market to ensure it caters to all RV models and age types, then add those personal preference varieties, and you have many choices. 

Material: The manufacturing material varies from steel to alloys and aluminum. Choose between durability, rugged and lightweight mounts.

Weight: Their weight differs slightly depending on the material used and its features. An extension arm will add weight to the mount.

Extension arm: These add to the TV-mount features and will need to match your requirements. RVs with limited space would not accommodate the part of an extension arm.

Tilt and Swivel: These are popular features, especially in RVs where you may want to adjust the TV face up, down, or sideways.

Wall bracket: This part is fitted to the RV wall and carries the weight. That is why the wall structure is essential. In addition, the VESA compatibility of the TV mount is necessary, ensuring it corresponds to the screw holes on your TV.

The VESA Standard

When buying an RV TV mount, first measure the VESA holes on the back of your TV or Monitor and ensure they match the TV mount’s VESA capability. For example, most VESA standards used are between 3 and 8 inches. However, some TV mount packaging may describe the settings in millimeters instead of inches. Here is a quick translation guide to converting millimeters to inches:

8”x8” relates to 200mm x 200mm

4”x4” relates to 100mm x 100mm

3”x3” relates to 75mm x 75mm

Alternatively, for more info, follow this link for an explanation of the VESA Mounting standard.


Preferences differ, and so do requirements, and sometimes choices are guided by enforced requirements such as compatibilities. For example, your RV type and model will override your preferences. However, it is essential to stick to compatibility.

The most important thing is to first do your compatibility homework before buying. Research and ask questions as there are many RV TV mounts available, and one is waiting for you and your camper. Remember, your TV weight and preferences will ultimately have to match your RV model and wall structure.

In some cases, any of the other six options will probably better fit you and your personal needs. We found the Mounting Dream MD2212 TV mount to be most versatile and should relate to most buyers and adhere to most requirements.    

Good luck, and happy camping!

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