Garmin RV 770 Vs. 760

Garmin RV 770 Vs. 760

In the past, route planning was an onerous task undertaken by RV owners before starting an adventure. This involved the use of old-style paper maps and depended largely on limited, dated information on weather and road conditions. That has changed, with GPS systems and devices giving accurate, up-to-the-minute information available at ones’ fingertips on every … Read More

Where Can I Park My RV To Live?

Where Can I Park My RV To Live?

Permanently living in an RV has become a way of life, whether seasonally, long or short term. For some, the need to embrace simplicity, and life experiences over material things, is the driving force behind such a lifestyle switch. For others, it’s about saving money. You can park your RV and live at the following … Read More

How Many Amps Does A RV AC Use?

how many amps does a rv ac use

Boondocking is arguably the purest way to use your RV. It means that you can escape from the city and into the deepest part of nature. You are not connected to anything, and your RV becomes the supplier of all your comfort needs. The amps that an RV air conditioner uses will depend very much … Read More

How Much Solar Power Do I Need For My RV?

How Much Solar Power Do I Need For My RV?

As the world moves away from non-renewable energy sources, mainly fossil fuel-based fuels, it is incumbent for everyone to look at their contribution to saving the planet. We take for granted that electricity is available at the flick of a switch. Still, behind that switch is a network of legacy power suppliers draining the planets’ … Read More

What is A Wet Bath In An RV?

what is a wet bath in an rv?

The open road is calling you, big time. You’ve got your mind’s eye set on a small RV to be your new mobile home, but there’s a nagging question in the back of your mind – ‘where will I bathe, toilet?’ Well, if you want convenience, you can’t beat having a bathroom inside your wagon. … Read More

How Long Does An RV Battery Last?

Deep Cycle RV Battery

America lives up to the cliché that it is the “world in one country,” and exploring the country in your own RV is a wonderful experience. Taking trips in an RV represents the epitome of the American dream. You work hard, achieve a level of financial independence, and, with an RV, you are free to … Read More

Ducted Vs. Non-Ducted RV AC (Whats The Difference?)

ducted vs non ducted rv ac

RVs have revolutionized recreation in the United States, and just under  10% (11 million) of all American households own an RV. Whether they are used for family holidays (how cool is it that the young children don’t have to put up with hotel restrictions), a young couple using it as a residence, or explorers living … Read More

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