Best RV Power Cords & Adapters For 2023

We’ve taken a look at several leading products and determined that the Camco 25′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty model is the best RV power cord on the market right now.

Why do you need an RV power cord in the first place? We’ve wondered the same thing. It turns out that an RV’s electrical system offers both 12-volt and 120-volt components. The 12-volt system is powered by the RV’s onboard batteries, while the appliances that run off a 120-volt connection require an outside source—for example, a generator or external power hookup.

However, some RVs might require a different amperage than others. Moreover, the source of shore power might be too strong or too weak for your RV’s electrical system. That’s when an RV power cord comes in handy.

For your convenience, we’ve also included a few of the best RV extension cords on our list. These are essential for reaching outside power sources that are located a bit too far away from your RV’s parking spot.

1. Camco 25′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Extension Cord -Best Overall RV Power Cord

2. Camco 25′ PowerGrip Cord with Straight Locking Adapter -Most Durable

3. Conntek 25-Foot Power Cord -Best For Beginners

4. Conntek 30-Foot Power Cord -Best Extension Cord

5. Leisure Cords 25′ Extension/Power Cord -Best For Humid Environments

6. GoWISE Power 50-Feet 30 Amp RV Power Cord -Best For Remote Campsites

7. Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone RV Electrical Adapter -Best Plug Adapter

8. Camco RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter With Easy PowerGrip Handle -Best 30-Amp Male to 50-Amp Female

As you can see, we’ve chosen the Camco 25′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty model as the best RV power cord. This company appears on our list several times, and with good reason. This cord is durable, reliable, and affordable—a winning combination. The distinctive black and yellow color combination also makes it easier to spot in the dark.

Let’s take a closer look at the products we’ve selected for this roundup.

Best RV Power Cords & Adapters: Reviews

Power Cords

1. Camco 25′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Extension Cord—Best Overall RV Power Cord

Camco 25' PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Extension Cord with 30M/30F- 90 Degree Locking Adapter | Allows for Easy RV Connection to Distant Power Outlets | Built to Last (55524)

The Camco Heavy-Duty model is strong and flexible, with a flame-retardant and heat-resistant PVC sheath. Both the male plug and the female connector are rated for 125 volts, with an amperage of 30. Copper wiring contributes to the unit’s superb connectivity, while the power grip handle makes it easy to plug and unplug the cord without damaging it.

Be forewarned that this cord only extends 25 feet. This should be adequate for most campsites, but it’s something to keep in mind if you tend to park some distance away from the power source.

  • Built from quality materials
  • Offers excellent conductivity
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design
  • Cord could be longer
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2. Camco 25′ Powergrip Cord With Straight Locking Adapter—Most Durable

Camco 25' PowerGrip Extension Cord with 30M/30F- Straight Locking Adapter | Allows for Easy RV Connection to Distant Power Outlets | Built to Last (55501)

Like the previous offering, this Camco cord measures 25 feet long and features a heat-resistant construction that makes it especially durable. Since it comes with a threaded locking ring that forms a water-tight connection, it’s suitable for damp climates.

The cord is flexible yet sturdy, using 10-gauge copper wires for improved conductivity. It also comes with a PowerGrip handle that keeps the cord from suffering damage due to excess tugging.

  • 90-degree head
  • Weatherproof locking ring
  • Sturdy construction
  • Affordable price
  • Cord measures only 25 feet
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3. Conntek 25-Foot Power Cord—Best for Beginners

Conntek 14345 30A NEMA TT30P to Removed Outer Jacket, 25 Foot

Conntek offers a simple 25-foot RV extension cord that’s remarkably easy to use, even if you’re new to the RVing game. With a maximum wattage of 3750, it should be powerful enough to service your outdoor lifestyle, no matter what gadgets and appliances you’ve brought along.

At 25 feet, this cord doesn’t have the most generous dimensions, but its design makes it easy to roll up and store. That’s good news for RVers who have space constraints, as well as anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of a long cord.

  • User-friendly
  • Compact design
  • Decent price point
  • Not entirely weatherproof
  • On the short side
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Extension Cords

4. Conntek 30-Foot Power Cord—Best Extension Cord

Conntek 15306 UL Listed, (30 Feet), 30 - Feet, Black

If you just need a way to extend your current power cord in order to reach the outside source, this Conntek unit may be your best bet.

The cord measures 30 feet long, so it’s suitable for remote campsites. Sturdily built, user-friendly, and rated for outdoor use, it checks off all the boxes. We should also point out that it works especially well with other Conntek products. If you’ve already decided to narrow your search to RV extension cords from this company, you should consider this model.

  • Generous length
  • Easy to use
  • Input current of 50 amps
  • Slightly expensive
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5. Leisure Cords 25′ Power Cord—Best For Humid Environments

Leisure Cords 25' Power/Extension Cord with 30 AMP Male Standard/30 AMP Female Locking Adapter (30 Amp - 25 Foot)

Since you can never rely entirely on the weather forecast, the best RV extension cords should be able to withstand punishment from the elements. This unit from Leisure Cords fits the bill.

The cord set is constructed out of marine-grade material, so there’s no need to worry about damage from rain or basic humidity. The plug and connector ends are both watertight as well. An LED display will give off a green glow when power is available—a perk that’s all the more impressive given this product’s low price tag.

  • Durable, marine-grade construction
  • Handy LED light feature
  • Affordable price
  • Some shipping issues reported
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6. GoWISE Power 50-Feet 30 Amp RV Extension Cord—Best For Remote Campsites

GoWISE Power 50-Feet 30 Amp RV Extension Cord with Molded Connector and Handle RVC3002

Because the GoWISE cord measures 50 feet long, it comes in handy when you find yourself at a far-flung campsite. If you prefer to park in the most distant spots, this could be the model for you.

The cord has an amperage of 30 and an easy-grip handle that allows it to unplug smoothly. A cord organizer is also included with the purchase. This is a weatherproof cord that’s suitable for use in any environment, making it one of the most versatile units we tested.

  • Generous length
  • Appealing design
  • Sturdy locking ring
  • Advertising can be misleading
  • Spotty customer service
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Plug Adapters

7. Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone Electrical Adapter—Best Plug

The Camco Dogbone Electrical Adapter is for buyers who already have a decent power cord for their 30-amp system, but need an adapter for their 15-amp connections. The copper cable and heat-resistant PVC coating give this model the same efficiency and durability as Camco’s other offerings. In addition, the unit offers a 90-degree receptacle on the male end to ease the strain between the outlet and the plug.

This adapter measures just 12 inches long, so it’s easy to transport. The PowerGrip handle gives it added portability. Best of all, it’s set at an affordable price point.

  • Designed to minimize strain on both male and female ends of the cord
  • Portable
  • Low price point
  • You’ll still need to purchase a longer power cord
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8. Camco Dogbone Electrical Adapter With Easy PowerGrip Handle—Best 30-Amp Male to 50-Amp Female

Camco RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter With Easy PowerGrip Handle, 30 Amp Male to 50 Amp Female, 18

For RVs that need a 50-amp connection, this adapter is an invaluable tool. Since a lot of older campgrounds only offer 30-amp power, it should pay for itself many times over.

Our favorite aspect of the Camco Dogbone 30-Amp Male to 50-Amp Female Adapter is the handle design. Crafted from polyvinyl plastic, they’ll prevent you from accidentally shocking yourself. Since they face away from each other, they also reduce strain to the middle section of the adapter.

  • Useful when camping in parks with 30-amp power
  • Clever design
  • Longer than some similar adapters
  • Needs to be used in tandem with a standard 50-amp cord
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Buying Guide

What To Consider When Buying An RV Power Cord Or Adapter

Type Of System

First of all, consider whether your RV’s electrical system requires a power supply of 30 or 50 amps. That will help you narrow down your search.

30 amp RVs come with a single 120-volt electrical circuit. These can handle a total wattage of up to 3,600. These are common in smaller travel trailers and RVs and should be able to handle a refrigerator, microwave, television, and air conditioning unit. They’re also sufficient for powering electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones.

50 amp models, meanwhile, offer two separate 120-volt circuits and can handle a maximum of 12,000 watts. More often found in luxury RVs, they can deliver energy to larger refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, entertainment centers, and electric fireplaces.

If you’re not sure what type of rig you have, take a look at your power cords. 30A cords have three prongs, while 50A cords have four.

Type Of Receptacle

Some adapters are designed to plug into straight receptacles, while others are compatible with 90-degree input stations. Pay close attention to the amperage rating when making your choice, since the shape of the receptacle could influence this number.


RV power cords are available in a variety of lengths. Most companies offer a choice between 15-, 25-, 30-, and 50-foot cords, or some combination thereof. Which one you buy depends on how much space you have to store it and how close you are to the outside power source.


Try to buy the best RV adapter or power cord that you can afford. Fortunately, many of these units are available at a reasonable price.

The longer the cord is, the more you can expect to spend, so you might want to consider a shorter one if you’re on a budget. 50-amp models are also more expensive than their 30-amp counterparts.

How It Works

Before you can select the best RV power cord or adapter, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the basics.

About Shore Power

When you eavesdrop on seasoned RVers talking about their rig’s electrical systems, you’ll probably hear the words shore power from time to time. This is the term used to refer to the power supply at a campground or parking area. Each shore power station is typically located next to a group of campsites—or even a single site.

Look for the circuit breaker on the shore power system. You’ll need to turn it on after connecting your rig to the system. Don’t forget to turn it off again when you leave in order to conserve energy.

A Word About RV Extension Cords

Regular extension cords are not suitable for RV use. They might look sturdy enough, and the plugs might even fit your adapter, but they’re not equipped to carry the amount of amperage you’ll need. In fact, they pose a significant fire hazard.

Moreover, some RV power cords are equipped with locking rings that help to stabilize the connection while protecting the plug from the elements. If you want to power your appliances while staying safe, you’ll need a power cord designed specifically for RVs.

Understanding RV Adapters

Because some campgrounds might offer only a 30A or 50A hookup, you should keep an adapter handy so you won’t find yourself stuck without power.

There are two types of adapter for RV extension cords: dogbone and puck adapters. Both are designed to alter the shape of the plug on the shore power source. They don’t actually change the power output—the alteration is purely aesthetic.

Dogbone adapters are versatile and generally safer on account of their design. High-end models, like the Camco units we’ve listed above, will usually come equipped with handles to protect against shock.

Puck adapters, on the other hand, are more convenient due to their smaller size, but they might get dangerously hot. The connection they offer isn’t quite as secure, either, which is why we prefer dogbone adapters if you have the space to store them.

About Corrosion

If you have an RV power cord, be careful not to let rust build up on the prongs. This will make the plug more resistant when entering the outlet. It also causes the metal to heat up more quickly, which might damage the RV’s electrical system.

Use a wire brush to clean the prongs on your power cord regularly. Make sure both ends are unplugged before touching the metal, and use a gentle touch to avoid warping.

In Conclusion

Why do we feel that the Camco 25′ PowerGrip Heavy-Duty model is the best RV power cord?

First of all, it’s exceptionally durable, with a strong sheath that can hold up to frequent use. The copper wiring allows for a reliable connection, and the cord is available at a decent price. Our one complaint is that the length could be more generous, but it offers plenty of bang for your buck nonetheless.

Best of luck, and happy camping!

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